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Childhood Blindness and Consanguineous Marriage

The word “Consanguineous” comes from two Latin words “Con” meaning “With / Together” and “Sanguine” meaning “Blood”.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

Can Colour Blindness affect your daily life?

The technological boom that helps re-create the world around us involving a gamut of colours has been a great achievement and colour increasingly has become an unavoidable part of one’s life.

Author: / FRIDAY, 14 MARCH 2016

Eye Care During Summer

Summer is the season of vacation, travel, fun indoor games, mangoes etc… it’s also a season for a few eye problems

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

Eye Diseases After 40

Although life is reputed to begin at 40, so do many eye problems. That's why people in their 40s should look after their eye health, including having regular eye check-ups.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

Eye Problems in Kids

As caregivers, haven’t we all at some point wondered while the child is not interested in a certain activity or is quite fidgety.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

Geriatric Eye Diseases

Maintaining good health is important all throughout our lives however, even more so in the old age. However, as with the rest of the body the eye also undergoes significant changes as a part of the ageing process.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

How Smoking Can Affect Vision

Smoking has long been known to cause lung cancer and heart disease; however many people do not realize that smoking can cause vision loss.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

How to Spot Eye Problems

Vision is the important of all senses and eye is considered as a window to the outside world. Taking care of our Eye health by early detection of eye conditions and seeking care as soon you notice any symptoms in the eye can prevent more serious damage

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

Inherited Eye Diseases

As the understanding, knowledge and research about the health and diseases are increasing in general, both the ophthalmologists and the patients are increasingly facing the challenge of Inherited eye Diseases.

Symptoms and Signs

Children tend to suffer from a large variety of eye ailments. On an average one out of every five children gets afflicted from one or the other eye condition in early childhood and infancy.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

Systemic Disease

The eye is composed of different types of tissues, this unique feature makes the eye susceptible to a wide variety of diseases and provides insights into many systemic problems.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

Things your ophthalmologist wants you to stop doing to prevent vision loss

There are some things about your eyes that you must know.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

Tuberculosis of the eye

‘Is there TB in the eye? How does it get there?’ These are the first questions one faces when one mentions tuberculosis (TB) in the eye.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015