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Contact Lenses

Know Your Contact Lens!

We all wear contact lenses to improve our poor vision. Contact lenses can improve the quality of vision for those who wear high power glasses, and also cosmesis.

Can Colour Blindness affect your daily life?

The technological boom that helps re-create the world around us involving a gamut of colours has been a great achievement and colour increasingly has become an unavoidable part of one’s life.

Author: / FRIDAY, 14 MARCH 2016

Double Vision – Symptoms & treatment

Double vision – medically termed diplopia – is a disorder that involves poor teaming between the two eyes. Even though we have two eyes and separate images are formed in the retina of each eye, the brain fuses the two images into a single unified percept.

Things to keep in mind while choosing contact lenses

We always come across patients who want to wear Contact Lenses, because their dear ones are wearing or they want only specific brands because best friend is wearing and is happy.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

Things your ophthalmologist wants you to stop doing to prevent vision loss

There are some things about your eyes that you must know.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015