Contact Lenses

Choosing Contact Lenses

Things to keep in mind while choosing contact lenses

Ms. Hiral Dholakia, Assistant Director Refractive Surgeries & Contact Lenses L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad

We always come across patients who want to wear Contact Lenses, because their dear ones are wearing or they want only specific brands because best friend is wearing and is happy.

One should think why they want contact lenses, is it demand of their lifestyle? Cosmetic? Or is it need of the eye? e.g people with high number (above +/- 4.0 D) or with different shape of cornea (Keratoconus) gets maximum benefits with lenses.

All lenses are good for all

  • All finger-prints are not same similarly all corneas are not same. Do not follow your dear one....sometimes what is good for them may not be suitable for you.

Sharing is saving

  • Sharing is not saving e.g. we cannot use A+ blood group for AB- blood group as both are red. Our eyes look the same but your dear one may have an allergy/ bacteria on lens which you can also get if you shared same lenses. You save money but you pay for eye treatment.

Online purchase saves money or once I get my eyes checked with an eye care professional, I can buy online/over the counter from opticians next time.

  • Online purchase saves money at the cost of eye health. You miss on your periodical check-up and micro level changes go undetected.

All red eyes are due to bad lenses

  • It is mainly because of failure in following recommended care and regime by eye care practitioner. E.g., sleeping with all types of lenses is not advisable. Cleaning with water is a big NO NO (patients do it to save money on cleaning solution).

Compromising on Prescription:

  • Patient with cylindrical number compromise on vision as these lenses are bit expensive than spherical. They often complain of headache/fatigue/redness at the end of the day.
    Lenses are available for all need/lifestyle and there is no age bar as long as you can take care of your eyes.

Wear a correct lens: every eye has different requirements.

  • Do not choose because of brand name.
  • Wear correct prescription, if you have a cylindrical number wear if advised by your eye care professional do not compromise because of cost difference

Trust your Eye Care Practitioner (ECP)

  • Always visit your certified ECP they will never sell a product to make money. They will suggest what is right for you.
  • Thorough examination before buying the lenses is essential e.g., Corneal shape measurement, dry eye check up.


  • Soft lenses: Prescription lenses/ colored lenses/ colored with prescription lenses/ Monthly disposable / daily disposable can be used as per requirement.
  • Special lenses for patient with high cylindrical number.
  • Scleral Lenses: lenses made for patients with severe dry eye syndromes


  • Always remember whatever lenses you wear follow care regimen. Do not abuse/misuse your lenses. Always wash & dry hands before touching.
  • No contact lenses are bad if they are used properly as guided by practitioner.
  • For every need lenses are available. Daily wear for every waking hour, or occasional wear i.e party wear / sportswear.
  • Spend minimum 2-3 minutes for cleaning your lenses.