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Red Eyes

10 Pointers to Take Care of Your Baby's Eyes

Look for signs of eye disease early – whitish reflex in the pupils (instead of the normal black shadow), very large eyes, intense watering, redness and yellowish discharge.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015


Our eyelids have two margins-an anterior margin, which is skin-like and bears eyelashes, and a posteior margin, which is a soft membrane and is devoid of lashes.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

Eye Care During Summer

Summer is the season of vacation, travel, fun indoor games, mangoes etc… it’s also a season for a few eye problems

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

Pollution and Eye Disease

As the dry winter days have arrived, followed by a hot summer, the incidence of eye problems like dryness, burning sensation, watering, redness and allergic conditions increase.

Author: / Thursday, 14 December 2015

Things to keep in mind while choosing contact lenses

We always come across patients who want to wear Contact Lenses, because their dear ones are wearing or they want only specific brands because best friend is wearing and is happy.

Author: / Thursday, 14 Decesmber 2015