“Alone we can do so little;
Together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller - Author, Political Activist and Academician

Frequently Asked Questions

L V Prasad Eye Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

LVPEI is governed by two trusts: Hyderabad Eye Institute: focusing on all aspects of service delivery and Hyderabad Eye Research Foundation:- focusing on eye care research.

  • Donations to Hyderabad Eye Institute (HEI) are eligible to 50% tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961
  • Donations to Hyderabad Eye Research Foundation (HERF) are eligible to a tax exemption of 100% for individuals and 150% for organizations under section 35 (1)(ii)

Below listed are few of our key programs for which you can donate

Funding possibilities

You can even make a general donation of the amount of your choice. Your donation will be utilized for any of the following causes: providing eye care services for non-paying patients in rural areas; training deserving eye care professionals; research in eye disease treatment; extending existing clinical services or setting up new facilities at the Institute. If incase you would like to explore other funding possibilities, especially in research, kindly connect with us at the below mentioned contact details.

Mr Sam Balasundaram
Tel: 91 40 30612610, 91 9849014669
Fax: 91 40 23548271
E-mail: sjbala@lvpei.org, communications@lvpei.org

As a donor, you can specify a person or organization in whose name you wish to sponsor the chosen services. We will be happy to acknowledge your support by naming the program or facility as per your request.

You can make a donation in cash, by cheque / demand draft and through online banking. At present, payments through credit or debit cards are not accepted.

make a donation

Each donor, no matter what method they use to make their donation or the value of their donation, will receive an acknowledgement receipt from LVPEI. We typically send these receipts to donors within a week of receiving the donation.

We couldn't do this work without individual contributions like yours. Donations from individuals account for a significant amount of our annual income.

There is no minimum donation value. Every small donation adds up. We believe that real philanthropy means each and every one of us can make a difference.

Please send a mail to us at communicatons@lvpei.org with the updated information.

For any enquiries regarding your donation, please contact - Mr Sam Balasundaram
Tel: 91 40 30612610, 91 9849014669
Fax: 91 40 23548271
E-mail: sjbala@lvpei.org, communications@lvpei.org

We will need your PAN card details if you are donating Rs 10,000 and above. In compliance with the relevant laws of the Government of India, your PAN card details will facilitate your income tax filing process.

We will send you a donation receipt to the address you have mentioned in the donation form. We will also send you printed / electronic information about the progress at LVPEI on a periodic basis.

We regularly update information and progress reports on our website. You may also choose to sign up for our periodic e-newsletters.

We undertake periodic internal, compliance and statutory audits. To maintain transparency, we publish annual reports and upload these to our website.

100% of the donations that we receive from individuals, associations, foundations and businesses goes towards the various programs implemented by LVPEI.

You can get involved by becoming a volunteer or even pledge to donate your eyes.