Detailed Schedule
29th Wednesday & 30th Thursday, November 2017
Programme co-ordinator: Muralidhar Ramappa
TKCI, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, Telangana


Attendee will be familiar with spectrum of anterior segment abnormalities, surgical challenges, modifications & outcomes of keratoplasty in children. Cutting-edge training in understanding the spectrum of pediatric diseases including benefits of advanced techniques of imaging and importance of molecular screening. Various surgical approaches to rehabilitate these children with utmost safety and precision. Also, tackling various complex anterior segment abnormalities, post-surgical complications, management of cataract, glaucoma and retinal issues pertinent to anterior segment reconstruction in children and future research in childhood diseases of cornea.

Faculty: Asim Ali, Bhupesh Bagga, Sunita Chaurasia, Subhabrata Chakrabarti, Merle Fernandes, Dominique Bremond-Gignac, Vijaya K Gothwal, Vishal Jhanji, Joveeta Joseph, Chitra Kannabiran, Arif Khan, Preetam Kumar, Alex Levin, Anil K Mandal, Somasheila I Murthy, Ken Nischal, Muralidhar Ramappa, Virender Sangwan, Sirisha Senthil ,Rishi Swaroop, Marie-Josť Tassignon, Murugesan Vanati, Geeta Vemuganti, Gerald W Zadman

Day 1: 29 November 2017

Session-1: Congenital Corneal Opacities
Chairs - Merle Fernandes, Arif Khan, Alex Levin, Ken Nischal
Moderator: Muralidhar Ramappa
Time Topic Speaker
7:30-7:50 am Registration & Welcome  
7:50-8:00 am Inauguration Gullapalli N Rao
8:00-8:05 am Introduction Muralidhar Ramappa
8:05-8:35 am Keynote address: Congenital corneal opacities - a surgical approach to nomenclature and classification Ken Nischal
8:35-8:42 am Peterís anomaly: a diagnostic dilemma Merle Fernandes
8:42-8:49 am Cornea plana: an underdiagnosed phenotype Arif Khan
8:49-9:56 am Sclerocornea: challenges in diagnosis and management Asim Ali
8:56-9:03 am Microphthalmia and anophthalmia Dominique Bremond-Gignac
9:03-9:10 am Congenital aphakia: Current understanding Sunita Chaurasia
9:10-9:17 am Epibulbar dermoid and spectrum of malformations Vishal Jhanji
9:17-9:24 am Congenital corneal keloid: a mesenchymal
Murugesan Vanathi
9:24-9:31 am Unravelling congenital cloudy cornea Muralidhar Ramappa
9:31-9:38 am Infantile glaucoma presenting with a corneal hydrops Anil K Mandal
9:38-9:45 am Clinicopathological correlation of congenital corneal
Geeta Vemuganti
9:45-9:52 am Posterior segment abnormalities presenting as
anterior segment dysgenesis
Subhadra jalali

9:52-10:22 am

Key note address: Clinical spectrum of congenital
Alex Levin
10:22-10:30 am Panel discussion

Tea break: 10:30 am -11:00 am

Session-2: Genetics of paediatric cornea and anterior segment
Chairs - Dominique Bremond-Gignac, Vishal Jhanji, Alex Levin, Arif Khan, Ken Nischal
Moderator: Subhabrata Chakrabarti
Time Topic Speaker
11:00-11:10 am Genetics of congenital corneal opacification-impact on diagnosis and treatment Ken Nischal
11:10-11:20 am Monogenic disorders of corneal size and shape Arif Khan
11:20-11:30 am PITX2 &FOXC1 spectrum of mutations in ocular syndromes Alex Levin
11:30-11:40 am Genetics of corneal endothelial dystrophies- an overview Chitra Kannabiran
11:40-11:50 am Genetics of primary congenital glaucoma Subhabrata Chakrabarti
11:50-12:00 Panel discussion

Session-3: Preoperative evaluation, critical period assessment and Timing of Surgical Intervention Including Imaging
Chairs - Bremond Dominique, Vishal Jhanji, Alex Levin, Arif Khan, Ken Nischal
Moderator: Merle Fernandes
Time Topic Speaker
12:00-12:07 pm How to examine a child with corneal abnormality Ken Nischal
12:07-12:14 pm Critical period assessment and surgical timing Asim Ali
12:14-12:21 pm How to prognosticate a case of corneal opacification Dominique Bremond-Gignac
12:21-12:28 pm Glaucoma assessment in paediatric corneal disease Alex Levin
12:28-12:35 pm Role of anterior segment imaging by Ultra Biomicroscopy Ken Nischal
12:35-12:42 pm Role of anterior segment imaging by Optical coherence tomography Vishal Jhanji / Vanathi
12:42-12:49 pm Anterior vitreo-lenticular interface in children Tassignon Marie-Josť
12:49-1:00 Panel discussion

Session-4: Challenging Corneal Infections, Ocular Allergy and Micro Allergic Kerato Conjunctivitis
Chairs - Vishal Jhanji, Merle Fernandes, Arif Khan, Murugesan Vanati, Alex Levin
Moderator: Sunita Chaurasia
Time Topic Speaker
2:00-2:07 pm Overview of Paediatric corneal diseases Sunita Chaurasia
2:07-2:14 pm Focus on dry eye and blepharitis Dominique Bremond-Gignac
2:14-2:21 pm Viral keratoconjunctivits Vishal Jhanji
2:21-2:28 pm Herpetic eye infections in children Muralidhar Ramappa
2:28-2:35 pm Non-herpetic Infectious keratitis: Decision making and therapy Merle Fernandes
2:35-2:42 pm Non-infective keratitis: How to distinguish Sunita Chaurasia
2:42-2:49 pm Role of diagnostic microbiology in children with corneal infections Joveeta Joseph
2:49-2:56 pm Acquired corneal opacities Vanathi Murugesan
2:56-3:00 pm Panel discussion

Session-5: Managing Inflammatory Conditions of The Ocular Surface
Chairs - Asim Ali, Bhupesh Bagga, Vishal Jhanji, Merle Fernandes, Somasheila I Murthy, Murugesan Vanati
Moderator: Virender Sangwan
Time Topic Speaker
3:00-3:07 pm Clinical spectrum of allergic eye diseases Dominique Bremond-Gignacc
3:07-3:14 pm Surgical management of allergic eye diseases Somasheila I Murthy
3:14-3:21 pm Ocular manifestations of SJS and TEN in children Asim Ali
3:21-3:28 pm Amniotic membrane transplantationin children with ocular surface diseases Merle Fernandes
3:28-3:35 pm Problem solving in ocular surface diseases Virender Sangwan
3:35-3:42 pm Keratoprosthesis in paediatric corneal diseases Bhupesh Bagga
3:42-3:49 pm Boston Keratoprosthesis outcome in children Asim Ali
3:49-3:56 pm Recent advances in paediatric corneal diseases Vishal Jhanji
3:56-4:00 pm Panel discussion

Session-6: Videos of difficult cases and newer surgical modifications
Chairs - Asim Ali, Vishal Jhanji, Arif Khan, Alex Levin, Marie-Josť Tassignon,Rishi Swaroop, Murugesan Vanati
Moderator: Muralidhar Ramappa
Time Topic Speaker
4:30-4:37 pm Corneal neurotization: a novel solution to neurotrophic keratopathy Asim Ali
4:37-4:44 pm My technique of Epikeratoplasty Merle Fernandes
4:44-4:51 pm Peel and grew in deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty Rishi Swaroop
4:51-4:58 pm Surgical management of implantation iris cysts Muralidhar Ramappa
4:58-5:05 pm Limbal translocation in sclerocornea Bhupesh Bagga
5:05-5:12 pm Kerato-limbal allo-grafting in sclerocornea Muralidhar Ramappa
5:12-5:19 pm Post PK tubes or shunts Sirisha Senthil
5:19-5:26 pm TBA TBA
5:26-5:30 pm Panel discussion

Session-7: Delegatesí Case Discussion
Chairs - Bhupesh Bagga, Merle Fernandes, Murugesan Vanati, Anil K Mandal
Moderator: Bhupesh Bagga
Time Topic Speaker
5:30-5:37 pm Paediatric perimetry PremNandhini (Tentative)
5:37-4:44 pm Congenital corneal anaesthesia Ashi Khurana
5:44:5:51 pm Case scenario-1 TBA
5:51-5:58 pm Case scenario-2 TBA
5:58-6:00 pm Closing remarks Sunita Chaurasia

Dinner: 7:30 pm (Faculty and Attendees)

Day 2: 30 November 2017

Session-8: Essential Surgical Skills - Top tips for paediatric cornea specialists
8:00-9:00 am Pre-op evaluations including imaging and Post-operative management
(Examination under anaesthesia: Transmitted from CECC OR)
Moderator: Sunita Chaurasia
Faculty: Asim Ali, Bremond Dominique, Vishal Jhanji, Arif Khan, Alex Levin, Marie-Josť Tassignon,Gerald W Zaidman
7:00 am - 12:00 pm: Live surgeries (Transmitted from main OR)

Surgeons: Bhupesh Bagga, Sunita Chaurasia, Merle Fernandes, Ken Nischal, Muralidhar Ramappa, Murugesan Vanathi

Moderator: Merle Fernandes,

Surgical Demonstration:
  1. Penetrating keratoplasty: Merle Fernandes (Developmental abnormality)
  2. Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty: Ken Nischal/ Sunita Chaurasia/li>
  3. Endothelial keratoplasty: Muralidhar Ramappa
  4. Surface reconstruction: Virender Sangwan
  5. Penetrating keratoplasty: Murugesan Vanathi (Acquired corneal opacity)
  6. Anterior segment reconstruction: Muralidhar Ramappa
  7. Boston Keratoprosthesis: Bhupesh Bagga
  8. Dermoid excision: Vishal Jhanji,
Panel discussion during live surgeries:
  1. Ideal time to wait before performing the intra ocular surgeries after syringing and probing in cases with NLD obstruction and CCO.
  2. Role OCT in aniridia, Peterís and sclerocornea
  3. UBM for better strategizing surgical plan
  4. GFS and keratoplasty timings
  5. Donor tissue: Age, DPT, Specular images criteria, sizing, graft over sizing,
  6. Suture removal regimen
  7. Refractive corrections: Glasses vs Contact lenses
  8. When do you consider a primary implant?
  9. Role of USG in the postoperative management of children with glaucoma
  10. What is your line of management in post op complications: Allograft rejection, Graft infiltrates, Graft failure, Regrafting, Post PK glaucoma including steroid responder, Post PK cataract and IOL implantation, Post PK Retinal detachment.

Key note lecture @ Park Hyatt: 12:15 -1:00 pm
Lunch: 01:00 - 02:00 pm

Session-9: Surgical techniques - surgical considerations, challenges and interesting surgical case scenarios
Chairs - Asim Ali, Bhupesh Bagga, Dominique Bremond-Gignac, Sunita Chaurasia, Vishal Jhanji, Arif Khan, Alex Levin, Ken Nischal, Muralidhar Ramappa, Marie-Josť Tassignon, Murugesan Vanati
Moderator: Merle Fernandes
Time Topic Speaker
2:00-2:30 pm Key note address: The Epidemiology and Management of Paediatric corneal opacities Gerald W Zadman
2:30-2:40 pm Penetrating keratoplasty Merle Fernandes
2:40-2:47 pm Anterior lamellar keratoplasty Sunita Chaurasia
2:47-2:54 pm Intra operative imaging in lamellar surgery Rishi Swaroop
2:54-3:03 pm Endothelial keratoplasty Muralidhar Ramappa
3:03-3:10 pm Post keratoplasty cataract surgery Muralidhar Ramappa
3:10-3:17 pm Post keratoplasty glaucoma filtering surgery Alex Levin
3:17-3:30 pm Panel discussion

Session-10: Post-operative care including immunosuppression and visual rehabilitation
Chairs - Asim Ali, Sunita Chaurasia, Merle Fernandes, Vishal Jhanji, Arif Khan, Alex Levin, Murugesan Vanati
Moderator: Muralidhar Ramappa
Time Topic Speaker
3:15-3:23 pm Post keratoplasty care Merle Fernandes
3:23-3:31 pm Paediatric contact lens fittings: little eyes big challenges Preetam Kumar
3:31-3:39 pm Management of allograft rejection Murugesan Vanathi
3:39-3:46 pm Tackling graft infections Vishal Jhanji
3:46-3:54 pm Immunosuppression in the management of high risk grafts Muralidhar Ramappa
3:54-4:00 pm Low Vision Management of Corneal Disorders Vijaya K Gothwal
4:00-4:07 pm Modern Techniques for Corneal Surgery TBA
4:07-4:14 pm Trainee clinical and surgical plan development TBA
4:14-4:21 pm TBA TBA
4:21-4:30 pm Panel discussion
4:30-5:00 pm Certificate Presentation & Closing ceremony