Fellow Speak
Our Fellows “Their expectations” Where they reach!
Swapna Shanbhag (Fellow, Session July 2014 – June 2016) “I came from a residency program which had no academics and hardy any surgical exposure. I had never made a presentation before. I knew I had a MS Degree, but I never really felt worthy of it. I knew there were glaring lacunae that I needed to fill if I wanted to do justice to the patients I would see in the future. I wanted to be much better than what I was at the end of MS. When I joined the fellowship, I really did not know if I would fare well surgically, and considering what I had heard about the fellowship, I really had doubts if I would last the fellowship. When I joined, I thought I will learn Cataract surgeries and transplants and will learn how to diagnose at least the basic corneal pathologies. That’s all I expected. ” “This fellowship, without doubt, has given me much more than I could have ever asked for. Through the really bad timings and the amount of work, not many of us really realise that what this place gives us in a span of two years, is something that actually is very difficult to fit it in a span of two years. In a Cornea fellowship, I am sure there are not many places which gives us access to so many things other than just OPD’s and OR’s. To give us a broad overview of Pathology, Microbiology, Contact Lenses, is the beauty of this fellowship. Right from learning how to make presentations, how to present them, how to organise work-shops, how to interact with international faculty, this place has taught me so much. The faculty in the cornea department is so amazing, at the end of a busy OPD (which mostly never ends before 7 pm), every single faculty in the cornea department stays back and explains the nuances of the many cases that we have seen that day, with a smile. We have always been given a free rein to ask our doubts regarding decision making and management, to question them, to give them our point of view. And it is so amazing to see them still so excited about what they see every day.. I hope I never lose this kind of fascination too. In the OR, I have had faculty pushing me to do certain cases, encouraging me saying they have no doubt I will do a good job. And there is nothing more encouraging than this. They have held our hands through the fellowship. I feel privileged to have worked with them. They are one of the best at their niche branches, and there is nothing better to get to learn directly from them. I had a very huge problem with public-speaking. But I have realised over time, that if you have prepared well enough, and are confident about your knowledge on the subject, there is absolutely no need to be scared. I feel like I have been moulded into a person, who is not afraid to question, who is at the the same time, not afraid to say that ‘I don’t know, I will go back and read about this’, who is not scared of presenting at any forum. After having finished this fellowship, I am really not scared and I do know I can handle pretty much anything, that the future throws at me. ”
Sayali Sanjeev Sane (Fellow, Session January 2015 – December 2016) “Expectations pertaining to subspecialty- to learn to systematically and scientifically work up, diagnose and treat common and relatively uncommon corneal diseases. To be competent in performing corneal transplantation procedures and ocular surface procedures. To be competent in surgical management of open globe injuries. Expectations pertaining to research- encouragement and opportunity for clinical research. Expectations pertaining to patient care as a whole- to learn wholesome patient care and effective communication skills” “Overall, fellowship was a very gratifying experience. Over a period of 2 years, I got to see innumerable patients with all types of corneal diseases and the management. I could observe and perform most of the important corneal procedures. I could further consolidate on my cataract surgery skills in terms of performing complicated cataract surgery, surgery for traumatic cataracts. I gradually became competent in managing complex open globe injuries. Another unique advantage of working at Vizag campus was that I have been able to follow up many cases since the beginning of my fellowship 2 years back and I think that has been a very good for my learning in terms of seeing the disease course with response to the treatment over a long duration. This also helped in building a great rapport with these patients.”
Radhika Medikonda (Comprehensive Fellow, Session January 2013 – December 2015) “To be able to adequately diagnose and manage patients. Improve my clinical examination skills. Improve my surgical skills. Learn the latest modalities in investigations and surgery Specialize in Cornea and Anterior Segment. To be able to do research” “Regarding clinical examination skills and patient management skills, the fellowship was extremely rewarding. Lectures from esteemed faculty (in house and guest) provided a rare opportunity to maximize learning. Got a view into the extensive scope of research in both clinical and basic sciences Got the opportunity to see a wide variety of cases and learn their management”
Siva Kumar wurity (Comprehensive Fellow, Session January 2014 – December 2016) “to get exposure to the world of ophthalmology” “More than 100%”
Diksha Prakash (Fellow, Session July 2013 – June 2016) “To be a good and confident clinician and surgeon. To learn good attitude towards patient care” “My expectations have been fulfilled completely and am leaving as a confident clinician and surgeon with 3 years of wonderful experience.”