The only annual meeting of eye and systemic diseases in India.

Dear friends,

We welcome you to the next edition of Looking Beyond the Eye, focusing on new and reemerging systemic challenges that concern all ophthalmologists.

The innovative concept of this meeting touches and embraces the complex issues in holistic and interdisciplinary care that an ophthalmologist needs to be aware of.

This year, we have worked hard to put forth an entirely new series of cases that pertain to ocular diseases, emanating from neuro-ophthalmology, neuroradiology, pediatrics, maxillofacial, oncology, sleep disorders, ENT, and autoimmune diseases that confront us.

Who will benefit?

  • Ophthalmologists interested in holistic management of patients
  • Ophthalmology residents, fellows, and postgraduates in training
  • Postgraduates and fellows in the respective specialties

What you will gain?

Answers to questions you always had

  • What's next in diagnostic work-up, management and prognosis?
  • What specific signs I should look for in my patients?
  • What's my role in the diagnosis and management of these patient?
  • What extra skills I would need to provide better care to such patients?

What's Special this year:

  • Whole New Series of Cases
  • Clinical oncology, Sleep diseases, Maxillofacial diseases, and Strokes of the Eye
  • "Grill your specialist" sessions - to bring out the points that delegates want to highlight!
  • E-poster Session for Post-graduates/ Residents
  • And what's more: Looking Beyond the Eye-VI will be on web-streaming for those who can't join in person! Weblink:

Your participation is essential and we look forward to seeing you on March 25, 2018.

LVPEI-GMRV Campus, Visakhapatnam