My LVPEI experience

I applied to L V Prasad Eye Institute, India, having heard about the institute from Prof Bruce Spivey and Prof Marilyn Miller who had came to Nigeria, West Africa. They stressed that subspecialty training is essential to be able to deliver quality eye care to our population. With little encouragement from the government and considering the costs that one has to bear, it was not an easy decision. However, I had seen how some of our patients going outside the country for cataract surgery returned with excellent vision, and this prompted me to master the art and be a handy resource at home. So I soon settled down to life in India along with my family.

It was a wonderful experience in all aspects at LVPEI. As part of the program, I was taught to have a high sense of responsibility in handling patients and to discharge my duties with utmost care and precision. There is no room for error in the care of patients and every effort is strenuously directed to avoiding this. Starting from the sorting out of patients to stringent identification methods and the tracking of records, every procedure is beautifully adhered to using color codes for files and identification tags for the patients.

However, the one thing that stood out was the diligence, and the hardworking nature of the Indian people. They hold their work in high esteem and without anybody prompting them to do their work, they carry on with calm efficiency and with the greatest impact from the highest paid to the least paid. No wonder, people come from far and near to access the quality health care. With laboratory support staff churning out results efficiently, highly trained anesthetists and dedicated technicians in place in the theaters, the surgeon is kept relaxed to do his/her work well. The nursing staff too have a highly efficient and monitored routine of ensuring that patients are properly cared for during their stay. The exquisite time management is something to see.

At the same time, the staff are able to write papers and publish them in peer reviewed journals all over the world. I have been privileged to be and work with some of the world’s best ophthalmic staff and listened to lectures on a daily basis to world experts who visit from time to time. Indeed I am glad I came to LV Prasad Eye Institute. It has changed my perspective to everything and has tremendously impacted my professional life.

Dr Adedayo Omobolanle Adio
Consultant Ophthalmologist and Senior Lecturer
University of Port Harcourt teaching Hospital, Rivers State, Nigeria
(Trained as Long-term fellow, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus and Neurophthalmology, 2013)