L V P E I Experience - L V Prasad Eye Institute

Mr Devidas N Budhrani, Founder Trustee of Naraindas Morbai Budhrani Trust (NMBT)

Mr Devidas N Budhrani, Founder Trustee of Naraindas Morbai Budhrani Trust (NMBT) and his family firmly believe in serving the poor and the underprivileged.
(Extracts from a conversation we had with him)

How accessible do you think are the eye care services in India?

Access to healthcare is a general concern in India. Specialized services like eye care are even more inaccessible. The rural and tribal pockets are the worst affected. Most of the eye related problems are avoidable, i.e, can be prevented, treated or managed. The ability to see has a direct impact on one’s capacity to earn a livelihood. It is an area that needs attention and support from every quarter of the society.

What according to you needs to be done on a priority basis to make quality eye care accessible to all?

LVPEI’s pyramid model of eye care demonstrates a comprehensive approach. It not only makes access to eye care services possible for the vulnerable and needy communities but also focuses on creating awareness and developing skilled human resources which is essential to sustainably scale up eye care services. The need of the day is to invest in resource poor areas for providing quality eye care through skilled human resources.

Why did NMBT choose to partner with LVPEI?

NMBT has been supporting the cause of preventing avoidable blindness much before its inception as an organisation in 2002. We have been instrumental in setting up eye care institutions with the focus of initiating quality eye care programs for the underserved. LVPEI is a globally recognized institution known for its excellent service model; use of latest technologies and ongoing research activities; and also for making communities a partner in promoting eye care services. Partnering with LVPEI thus seemed to be a natural choice for us in reaching out to the underserved population.

How do you forsee the partnership between NMBT and LVPEI formulating in the coming years?

With the Secondary Eye Care Centre in Rayagada district of Odisha, we have initiated our partnership with LVEPI. We intend to have a much closer association with LVPEI in the coming years to respond to the eye care needs of the marginalized communities by having long term infrastructure and human resource in place.

What motivates you to work for the cause of eye care?

“Nothing feels as great as seeing a child go back to school or an elderly person resume his livelihood and independence, post a simple cataract surgery. The joy that we get by bringing about sustainable changes in the lives of people is our biggest motivation.”