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Dr Krupakar Paul Thadikonda

Dr Krupakar Paul Thadikonda is the Executive Director of Thadikonda Research Foundation a private, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of children, adolescents, and adults who are touched by rare disorders. The organization's objectives are "To provide awareness, education and training facilities for children and families with special needs" and "To promote pharmaceutical and medical research and training in underdeveloped communities around the world" with specific reference to rare disorders such as cerebral palsy and autism.

Dr Thadikonda studied Pharmaceutical Sciences and began his career as a lecturer in Pharmacology in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Andhra University, India. He went to the United States in 1987 and completed his PhD in Neuropharmacology from St John's University, New York, USA, in 1991.

He is the Founder and President/CEO of Maryland based EMINENT Services Corporation (1997), which provides investigational drug management and information technology services to the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry and the Federal Government/contract research organizations. He has headed positions in Ogden BioServices and McKesson BioServices, holds several patents in drug product development and is technical consultant to several Federal Agencies in clinical drug product development.

Dr Thadikonda inaugurated the Prasanth Michael Thadikonda Bhavan at Andhra University on 14 April 2009, with modern infrastructure to house the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Administration, Teaching and Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

A few years ago, Dr Thadikonda met Dr Gullapalli N Rao and became interested in supporting LVPEI's educational programs, as also the research work at the institute. In April 2011, Dr Thadikonda gave the institute a substantial grant to promote eye care education across all levels of eye care professionals. In acknowledgement, the institute's training activities will now be coordinated by the "Mark Nathaniel Thadikonda and Vijayamma Nannepaga Centre for Eye Care Education."

Dr Thadikonda said, "It is a great pleasure for our foundation to join hands with this world-famous institute." Dr Rao said, "This grant boosts our education efforts significantly as we work towards enhancing the quality of eye care across the entire developing world, by offering high standard training to professionals from all over the globe".

Dr D Balasubramanian, Director of Research, and Dr Usha Gopinathan, Executive Director, with Dr Krupakar P Thadikonda and Dr Gullapalli N Rao after the signing of the MoU an April 23, 2011
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Other interests in eye care include its association with Operation Eyesight Universal in establishing a Comprehensive Eye Care Unit in Zambia at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, which will partner with the Zambian Ministry of Health.