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Partnership programs with Charities Aid Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation is a leading international not-for-profit organization, which works to make giving more effective and charities more successful. CAF India is part of an international network with offices in nine countries, including India. CAF-India facilitated LV Prasad Eye Institute implement several important projects for the benefits of visually impaired through the support extended by large multi nationals as a part of their Give As You Earn (GAYE) campaign. The initiatives taken up through the support received from CAF-GAYE includes:-

The Mobility and Sensory integration Park at Kode Venkatadri Chowdary Campus in Vijayawada

November 2013

The “Mobility and sensory stimulation park” is the rarest in the world, developed with an intention of serving 3 important purposes. Fist, to give enough exposure to visually challenged children to stimulate sensory experiences through senses of touch, hearing, smell, taste and residual vision, through this the children are expected to improve their body posture, manual dexterity, mental abilities, and communication and socialization skills in a play way method. Second, to teach universal ‘Orientation and Mobility’ techniques including long cane techniques, sighted guide techniques, upper and lower body protections for gaining maximum freedom of movement indoors and outdoors to young adults and elderly persons with visual impairment. Third, to sensitize the public to understand the needs of visually impaired by encouraging them to take a walk on the park with different vision simulators that would envisage different categories of vision loss. The park encompasses 12 zones, each designed to give unique learning experience and stimulation to the sense of vision, touch, and smell, auditory, olfactory and gustatory. In each zone, at the entrance a sign post in Braille and in large print is placed to describe the concept of that particular zone for the visually challenged user to orient self easily. There is also an audio description of that particular zone if one wishes to use it. The floor texture of the entire park is designed different from zone to zone to make the identification of zones easier by the visually challenged. The sign posts in Braille, large print, and audio desc, difference in the floor textures on pathways are the uniqueness that makes visually impaired move around independently and safely with utmost pleasure.

The Helpline for the Visually Imparied in Kallam Anji Reddy Campus at Hyderabad

November 2013

Project ‘HelpLine’ aims at providing information and confidence to anyone affected by visual impairment through web and telephone-based counselling and guidance. The helpline services are enabled for people with blindness and/or low vision, and also meant for their families/friends and professionals working in the field of disability who may seek guidance on intervention techniques for their clients/students. Dedicated tele-rehabilitation counselors will attend and resolve queries related to a wide range of topics, such as psychological wellbeing, education and employment opportunities, early intervention and therapeutic intervention techniques, low vision devices, products and technology, independent living skills, advocacy, parenting, leisure and sports, professional courses, training, etc.

Anyone can reach the Helpline, open Monday-Saturday, between 9am to 5pm, either by calling +91-40-30612841/2842 or emailing rehabhelpline@lvpei.org.

Computer training centre for the visually impaired, in Hanumanthawaka Junction, GMR Varalakshmi Campus, Visakhapatnam

September 2014

This centre enables opportunities for persons with visual impairment to learn the use of computer as an interface that would integrate them in society and make them self-sufficient. These initiatives are completely funded by monetary contributions received through the Employee Giving Campaign at Microsoft India Development Center, the first two being the Mobility & Sensory Stimulation Park LVPEI Kode Venkatadri Chowdary Campus in Vijayawada and a Helpline for Visually Impaired launched last September.