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Tech Mahindra Foundation Partners with LVPEI To Provide Care to People with Special Needs

The Institute for Vision Rehabilitation offers unique rehabilitation programs. One such programme is being implemented with the generous support from Tech Mahindra Foundation through two key projects "Early Intervention and Education Program for Children with Vision Loss and Additional disabilities" and "Information Technology Training Center for Visually Impaired".

The children early intervention program is first of its kind in the State of Hyderabad, proving intervention exclusively for children with vision loss and multiple disabilities including cerebral palsy, intellectual impairment, deafblindness, hearing impairment, loco motor disability etc. The ultimate aim of the program is to facilitate inclusion to the extent possible. The services include:-

  • Developmental assessments and evaluation
  • Parental counseling and guidance
  • Paramedical services: vision therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, behavior modification, nutritional assessment, multi-sensory intervention, play therapy and pre-school activities.

The IT program aims to provide learning opportunities to children and adults with special need for using computers with the help of special assistive software JAWS, a speech synthesizer enabled for blind and magic, screen magnifier with speech enabled for low vision. The combined training of IT, with spoken English, Soft-skills, Orientation and Mobility is a boon for students and young adults to get integrated in the mainstream, both in terms of academics and employment.

These project were formally launched by Mr Vinod Khanna, Trustee Mahindra Satyam Foundation on 9 November 2011. From the year 2012, these two projects have been supported by Tech Mahindra Foundation. Over 10,880 children with special needs have benefitted so far through the early intervention project. Similarly through the computer training project, a total of 320 were trained on computer skills and of these 132 students have been successfully placed in industries such as IT, Retail, Hospitality, etc.

LVPEI is looking forward for long-term commitment with Tech Mahindra Foundation to accomplish collaborative projects for welfare of the society in eye care and rehabilitation.