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Champalimaud Foundation

On January 30, 2008, the Champalimaud Translational Centre of Eye Research (C-TRACER) was inaugurated at L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad. A world class translational research facility for the analysis, management and treatment of selected eye disorders, C-TRACER symbolizes the partnership between Champalimaud Foundation and LVPEI. LVPEI has been conducting vision related translational research and has utilised stem cells for the treatment of eye diseases. The agreement with Champalimaud Foundation formalized a link between the scientific communities of Portugal, Africa and Asia, allowing for the creation of programs specific to the Lusophone countries of Africa, allowing Portuguese scientists to participate in research activities at LVPEI, Hyderabad. The Champalimaud Foundation, based in Lisbon, Portugal, was created on the bequest of the late Portuguese industrialist and entrepreneur, António de Sommer Champalimaud. The Foundation has a long-term commitment to support medical research, particularly in the fields of neuroscience, cancer and vision sciences.

Mr António de
Sommer Champalimaud

The inaugural ceremony in January 2008 was attended by a host of dignitaries from Portugal, including Dr Leonor Beleza, President of the Champalimaud Foundation and the Ambassador of Portugal to India Mr Luis Filipe de Castro Mendes. A translational research symposium marked the event, with Prof N K Ganguly, UNESCO Centre for Translational Research and Training, New Delhi, delivering the First Champalimaud Lecture on ‘Translational Research: Scenario and Opportunities in India’. Other distinguished speakers included Prof Robert Folberg of the University of Illinois Chicago campus, Chicago, USA; Prof Jost Jonas from the University of Heidelberg, Germany; Dr Miguel Castelo-Branco from Coimbra, Portugal; and Prof Brien Holden, CEO, Institute of Eye Research, Australia.

The success of the symposium led to a decision to hold Annual Champalimaud Symposia on January 30th every year. The Second Champalimaud Symposium was held on January 30, 2009. Dr Jeremy Nathans, Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA, delivered the keynote lecture on ‘Evolution of primate color vision’ as an online video presentation. (More in Seminars & Workshops pages 56)

Dr Leonor Beleza, President,
Champalimaud Foundation,
at the inaugural

The Champalimaud Foundation and L V Prasad Eye Institute share a common vision: a world free of preventable or treatable blindness. In common with LVPEI, the Champalimaud Foundation also believes that the bench-to-bedside approach of translational research is one of the most effective ways to find novel solutions to vision disorders. To this end, the Foundation and LVPEI have joined together to create a partnership that will ultimately benefit the lives of people throughout the world.