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Reaching out to make a difference

Meera & L B Deshpande Centre for Sight Enhancement

Volunteers and rehabilitation faculty at the summer camp for clients of the
Meera & L B Deshpande Centre for Sight Enhancement

Mr L B Deshpande retired from Osmania University in 1972 as its Registrar, continuing to work as Registrar of the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad. Later, he volunteered his services to Hyderabad Public School and as the Honorary Secretary of the Andhra Mahila Sabha’s colleges for women. During his 40 years as an administrator in higher education, he earned a reputation of a hard working executive who strived to cut the red tape. He always conveyed a tremendous sense of optimism and energy and had a great sense of humour. His wife Mrs. Meera Deshpande meanwhile built a network of social and family relationships with her signature kindness and smiling face.

LVPEI Hyderabad’s Meera and L B Deshpande Centre for Sight Enhancement was set up with the support of their surviving children Vinay, Rewati, Sanjay, and the late Suneeti, in memory of their parents. Mr Vinay Deshpande founded five IT companies and is currently Chairman and CEO of Encore Software Ltd, in Bangalore (India) and retains a substantial financial interest in two others, while his wife Chhanda (Meghna) is the Executive Director of Encore. Mrs Rewati works for a bank in London (UK) while her husband Dr Madan Maha retired after over 20 years as an eye specialist in the UK National Health Service. Mr Sanjay Deshpande is Vice President of Aerospace and Defense at EnerSys in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania (USA), while his wife Smita teaches psychology in a local college.

Here, in their words, is the story of how the Centre came about…
We chose to support LVPEI because our father, the late Shri L B Deshpande, had a soft corner for it. He had been treated there, and had an extremely high regard and admiration for Dr G N Rao and his commitment and dedication to bringing state-of-the-art eye care to India. Of course, all of us had also seen this and therefore felt, when our father passed away in 1993, that one of the best ways of honouring our parents’ memory would be to support LVPEI. Rewa’s husband, UK-based ophthalmologist

Dr Madan Maha naturally helped reinforce our decision.
Our parents imbibed in us the value of hard work, honesty and helpfulness, by example. Whenever relatives, friends or the staff (household as well as those at the University) approached them for help, they rarely said “no”. Looking back, we see how their helping hand was instrumental in changing the direction of so many lives for the better. The selfless manner in which they reached out to others was inspirational. We saw in LVPEI the opportunity to continue the natural goal of their existence – making a difference in someone’s life by thinking beyond yourself. Constantly striving for excellence, this institution embodied our parents’ core belief – ultimately it is not all about “one’s own excellence” but how that excellence can make a difference to people’s lives. We donated our parents’ home to LVPEI, because it practiced the values they practiced and was based in their home city, Hyderabad.

We wanted LVPEI to create a state-of-the-art centre for any discipline in eye care that needed greater attention and would provide eye care regardless of the economic level of the patient(s), thus helping to perpetuate the memory of our parents. We believe the Meera and L B Deshpande Centre for Sight Enhancement at LVPEI has met all the three objectives.

Vinay at the children’s
centre at
LVPEI, on a recent visit

Vinay and Chhanda
“We have great respect for Dr G N Rao, and tremendous admiration for what he has achieved. LVPEI is a household name in Hyderabad, and probably all over Andhra Pradesh. His commitment to raising the standard of eye care in India to international levels, and bringing state-of-the-art techniques in eye care to the common man, is remarkable. We wish that LVPEI will embark on new technologies in eye care, and lead the world in frontier areas. We hope we will continue to be involved in more partnerships that are both meaningful and make an impact.”

Rewati and
Dr Madan Maha

Rewati and Dr Madan
“We visited the Centre for Sight Enhancement in December 1997. To say we were impressed would be an understatement. Having been involved with various vision related charities, I know well the challenges to be overcome in such an endeavour. It was gratifying to see the thought and planning that had gone into the setting up of this Centre, and inspiring to speak to those who made it happen. In this age, where wealth and profit are often the key motivators, it is uplifting to see how LVPEI puts the patients’ well-being above all else.”

Sanjay and
Smita Deshpande
Sanjay and Smita
“We have visited the Centre for Sight Enhancement several times; these visits are a pilgrimage for us and our way of paying respect to the memory of our parents. In 2004, both of us with our daughter, Ankita participated in the opening of a tertiary eye care centre in Nizamabad (where our mother grew up), and then visited the secondary eye care centre in Basar, Maharashtra. We were, and continue to be, very impressed with the LVPEI pyramid model for delivering eye care service to the rural population. In fact, Ankita included LVPEI in her undergraduate thesis at Wharton School, which focused on the cost-benefit analysis of rural medical care delivery.

For several years we contributed to the provision of free eye care services at LVPEI on four days a year (the anniversaries of our parents’ birth and passing). LVPEI and the Centre for Sight Enhancement continue to embody and practice our parents’ values (hard work, honesty, helpfulness, and striving for excellence), and are thus honouring their memory in an extraordinary way.

The outstanding manner in which the Institute was designed, operated and maintained is exemplary. It has earned a remarkable reputation for its research and richness and breadth of its clinical and surgical experience and expertise. As the Institute marches forward conquering many more frontiers of knowledge and technology, we are confident it will always remain focused on the true goal of every medical endeavour – to alleviate human suffering.”