L V P E I Experience - L V Prasad Eye Institute

The Philanthropic Business Family From Bellary

February 13, 2013 marked the launch of LVPEI’s services in the state of Karnataka. The institute’s 11thsecondary care service centre, the Y Mahabaleshwarappa Memorial Eye Centre in Bellary, launched its outpatient services. Built on 3.5 acres of land, the 20,000 sq ft facility is located on the outskirts of Bellary, and is funded by a generous donation from M/S Y Mahabaleshwarappa & Sons. The plan is to make this a tertiary centre in a few years from now.

Mr Y Basavaraj and Ms Y Neelamma (seated) and their children Mr Harish,
Ms Sharada, Mr Satish and Ms Anuradha (standing, from the left)

Mr Satish Yeachareddy, a co-owner of the iron ore mining company, says the family has long been involved in philanthropic activities thanks to the inspiration of his grandfather Sri Y Mahabaleshwarappa. Sri Mahabaleshwarappa was an active politician-philanthropist who was instrumental in forming the Akhanda Bellary Zilla Kriya Samithi which resisted the division of Bellary district from the state of Karnataka. He also had the distinction of being the youngest District Board President in the erstwhile Madras Presidency, at the age of 25, a position to which he was elected three times.

However, the impetus for the family’s philanthropic activity to become focused upon quality eye care for the needy was when Mr Satish’s younger twin son Karthik was diagnosed blind at birth.

Karthik was taken to the US where his condition was evaluated at the Cincinnati Centre for Developmental Disorders; his family was told that he needed an intensive rehabilitation program. It was then that they heard of LVPEI as being one of the foremost eye hospitals in India working on rehabilitation for the visually impaired. Karthik is now aged 15 years; his vision has improved such that his condition is that of a person with low vision.

But the family was now keenly sensitized to the needs of visually impaired and differently abled people. Added to that, they were also aware of the lack of quality eye care facilities in the Bellary region. So, impressed with LVPEI’s reputation and guiding principles, they approached the institute’s Chairman, Dr Rao, with the proposal to have an eye hospital built to the operational standards of LVPEI.

The proposal was readily accepted resulting in the inauguration of LVPEI’s Bellary Eye Centre. Mr Satish hopes that his children will take inspiration from this initiative to continue the family tradition of empathy and support for the needy and those less fortunate