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The Munificence Of The Kollipara Family


This is an inspiring story of how a businessman from a middle-class family stepped forward to support the provision of eye care services by L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), to ensure the eye health of the people in his hometown.

Mr Kollipara Srinivas Rao and his two brothers donated space in a busy locality of Peddanandipadu near Guntur, in memory of their late parents Mr Kollipara Seshagiri Rao and Mrs Rohini. Speaking of his involvement in extending eye care in the area, he said, "Authorities at L V Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad were making enquiries at the Karamchedu base centre, seeking local donors in Peddanandipadu. When they approached me I spoke to my brothers and we readily agreed to provide built space for a Vision Centre. We set up the Vision Centre (VC) at a crucial junction the crossroads of Peddanandipadu and Nagulapadu. We believe that LVPEI's name and fame precedes it and it will surely fulfill its promise to provide medical support to people."

"The building extension was constructed under the aegis of a service organization. We also helped in the glaucoma project established by Dr G Chandra Sekhar of LVPEI, because we were convinced that people in the area would benefit by early detection of glaucoma."

"The Vision Centre will help people have eye check-ups closer to their home. People above 60 cannot go far for eye care as they are dependent upon a younger family member to accompany them. Also, traveling far means a loss of daily wages as this is a predominantly agricultural community. This VC will ensure that people receive care, instead of ignoring the problem, as they need to spend only Rs 10 to Rs 15 on transport to reach it. The Centre has helped save at least Rs 2000 per day for the community and helped take care of the eye health of the people."