Happy To Be Here

Dear Sirs, Dear Doctors, Dear all in L V Prasad,

To and Be are two separate I have arrived safely to my home last night (Saturday, 10th of December) after almost 26 hours of leaving your wonderful institute. Allow me to send you this email to try to thank everyone in your great place. I am honoured and pleased to have spent in your institute that past month, I have had the most fruitful and enjoyable experience of my life. A simple word as “Thank you” is not sufficient to express correctly the amount of gratitude I bear to everyone in L V Prasad. Everyone has been absolutely kind and infinitely cooperative and friendly; you made me feel at home, amidst brothers and sisters — if you would allow me that honour. I wish to thank heartily everyone belonging to L V Prasad, from the highest authority to that simple young man from the house keeping who used to meet me with that inviting kind smile every afternoon as I met him tidying my room in the guest house.

Dear Dr Mandal Sir, I wish to thank you from the depth of my heart, for you have given me Sir the experience of my life. I came to you Sir wanting to learn just pediatric glaucoma, and I end up learning from you Sir a lifetime experience, a whole package of values and virtues and human touches. I will never forget your constant word “be sincere, don’t show sincere but BE sincere”. The way you deal with these poor children and their parents Sir is, in itself, a value to learn; how to LOVE what you are doing, and how you speak of your past teachers with that amount of gratitude and appreciation. Thank you Sir for everything.

Dear Dr G Chandra Sekhar, I wish to find words that describe my gratitude to you Sir adequately, but my vocabulary falls short. To me Sir, you redefine the meaning of the words “Teacher” and “Doctor”. You model the value of a teacher who conveys every single piece of his knowledge and lifetime experience with extreme faithfulness and devotion and yet see that he is “just doing his job” (as you once told me Sir). You think of your patient’s best and well-being as a human being and yet humbly see that “this is just the proper medical decision”. You know your students through time with even their handwritings. And amidst all of this Sir, you still find space and time to give to me Sir, to teach me and listen to me. I wish “Thank you” was more expressive of my gratitude to you Sir, thank you.

Dear Dr Sirisha, I wish to thank you very very very much. You have given me an incomparable example of the impossible balance between very hard work and calmness, the impossible balance between utmost knowledge and experience and humbleness. I really deeply appreciate your elaborate answering of all my questions with patience and I hope I was not a nuisance. I wish to thank you for your excellent illustration of surgical dexterity and resourcefulness with such extremely difficult surgeries. And above all Dr Sirisha, I really am extremely grateful to you for that wonderful gift to my wife; she and I were extremely touched by that thought of you, she is extremely thankful (she loved it!) and both of us don’t know how to thank you; I really am very grateful to you; thank you.

Dear Dr Nikhil, I had a short encounter with you Sir, yet I wish it was longer. I have learnt from you Sir a new definition for “doing my best” in examining the patient. That single day that I spent with you Sir has changed my view of the concept of patient examination and systematic thinking. The accuracy and thoroughness of examination — irrespective of time constraints — I have seen with you Sir will definitely change my practice. Thank you very very much Sir.

Dear Dr Subho, I have taken from your precious time a lot Sir. I have not responded Sir about the participation of my institution in the genetic study because I had not (and still have not unfortunately) received a response from my seniors. I appreciate your time Sir, and I thank you for allowing me this opportunity Sir. Please wish me luck with my seniors because I wish to proceed with these genetic studies for the sake of our poor patients, though I understand it is on the long run. Thank you very much Sir.

Dear dear fellows, Dear Dr Ravi, Dr Paraj, Dr Shaeel. I don’t know how to thank you. You were like brothers to me. I have never known friends that were supportive and kind and sincere as you. I envy your superiors for having such a great team as you, and I envy your institute for having such great graduates. Dr Ravi, thanks is owed to YOU my friend, you have provided me guidance and help from my very first moment, and I don’t think my stay in LV Prasad could have been that fruitful without your help. You’re a great person Dr Ravi, and one day I know I will be reading your work in a first class journal or book; keep up the good work my friend. Dr Paraj, thank you for tolerating me in the OPD, and thank you for answering all my questions that I used to bother you with. Thank you for being such a great company and a helpful knowledgeable guide; I wish you all the best in your career. And, Dr Shaeel, I will sure remember that calm smiling face of you. I was lucky to have such wonderful company.

Dear Sirs in the education department, I wish to thank you all for the extreme cooperation and help you provided from the very first moment, and even actually before I arrived at LVP. Madame Vijaya, my stay could not have been more comfortable, and your help has made everything so easy. I hope I have not bothered you with my many questions and requests. Mr Yousef, I know we met in the very last moments of my stay, but I do appreciate your help all the way.

Dear Sirs, you have asked me to write an email about my stay detailing both positive and negative things. I have had the best experience in my life. From the very beginning, I was given the wonderful advantage of choosing the timing of my observership, I was helped with the visa application by a letter directed to the embassy. I was reserved a wonderful room in the guest house at a remarkably good rate, with a three-meal excellent food at an excellent price. I have met the most knowledgeable consultants, the most excellent teachers and the most helpful and friendly fellows. I was helped by an extremely helpful administration in the education department up to the very last moment of booking the taxi to the airport. And there was definitely a lot more than I could count or remember. As for the negative things, you make my job really difficult Sir! As for myself, I did not face any negative issue, and I can’t think of any. I don’t think this is my luck, I know that this is the excellent planning and faithful and contribution of all personnel in that wonderful place.

Thank you Dear Sirs for everything, thank you for accepting me in your wonderful institute and on behalf of all your patients, thank you for the great job you’re doing.

Sincerely yours,
Nader Bayoumi, MD
Lecturer of Ophthalmology
Ophthalmology Department — Faculty of Medicine
Alexandria University
Alexandria, Egypt

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