Narayana Chandra
"I would like to thank all the Ophthalmologists in the Cataract and Cornea department for being very courteous and for the excellent treatment provided to my mother - Santha Thiyagarajan. Special note of thanks to Dr Rashmi Krishnamurthy for operating her for cataract in both eyes and also to Dr Jagadesh C Reddy for efficiently treating her corneal problem".

Narayana Chandra
Kotla Raju
"Dear Dr Akshay Badakere, thanks for all your support throughout my daughter and wife's squint (strabismus) treatment. I was a bit worried before I come to you on how to get this corrected and was not feeling good about it. You have made my personal life more colorful by doing this cosmetic treatment for my wife and daughter."

Kotla Raju
Shashi Shah
“I wish to thank LVPEI and record my appreciation following my eye surgery by Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya and his very able team. The staff I met at the Institute was very polite and helpful. I want to put on record and extend my special gratitude to: Dr Mihika Trivedi and Dr Uppal Gandhi for the very thorough pre-operative consultations they had with me; Lakka Vijaya Lakshmi in the counselling department for her diligent efforts in processing in the limited time we had; Mohammed Qayyum, the administrative assistant who literally raced with me on his motor bike in peak traffic to the airline office so that I could delay my departure by a day; Sister Shantha, ward nurse who cared for me after my surgery like she was my own daughter! Such care and compassion is a sought after virtue; and K Durga from the operation theatre who ensured that I was safely back at my hotel. Above all big thanks to Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya for his professionalism and expertise. From the very first time I met him, I knew I was in safe hands.”

Shashi Shah, Africa
(Mr Shah underwent a squint surgery for misalignment of the eyes.)
Niharika Jella
Dear Dr L Srinivasa Varadharajan,

I just wanted to thank you for the guidance you gave me in my third year project. I am presently posted in GMRV Campus and was asked to do a presentation on Amblyopia. I am very glad to say

I could answer and discuss every question asked by the audience. I was actually asked to share my presentation (which I felt was a big thing). I totally credit you for all the appreciation that I got today because you guided me and made me so confident in my third year project, not only in the theoretical aspect but also my personality, good presentation skills, sentences, pronunciation, grammar. Thank you sir for the time you spent on us and corrected wherever required.

Niharika Jella
(Niharika is one of the trainees at LVPEI's Bausch and Lomb School of Optometry and is currently doing her internship at the institute's Vijayawada campus. Dr Varadharajan is a scientist at LVPEI.)
Maureen Chisenga
“My experience at LVPEI has been an eye opener in the true sense. I never realized how important our eyes were until I was affected with severe corneal damage after my cataract surgery, which took away my right eye vision. Despite undergoing a series of surgeries and the best of efforts by doctors in my hometown, I did not regain vision. Simple things such as climbing stairs or walking around independently became a challenge. Highly recommended by my doctor, I came to LVPEI along with my husband. Right from the security personnel to the patient care staff and the doctors, everybody has been extremely courteous and never made us feel that we are in a foreign land. All my fears and anxiety were put to rest by Dr Muralidhar Ramappa's assuring statement – 'You don't worry ma'am. We will take care of you.' And indeed, he did! Post the surgery I have regained functional vision in my right eye. It feels so good to see things clearly again.”

Maureen Chisenga
Malawi, Africa

(Ms Chisenga underwent anterior segment reconstruction combined with selective corneal replacement.This resulted in dramatic visual improvement in her vision and discomfort in the eye.)
''My friend and I organized a bake sale during Diwali to raise money for non paying surgeries at LVPEI. Neha was the baking expert and I was the manager. It was a lot of hard work but when we came to the hospital and met the people in the Institute's rehabilitation centre, we realized everything was worth the time and effort. We are planning on doing some more bake sales in future. We experienced happiness in giving, and hope others can too."


Vivek Mundra
“I was very impressed with the reception, courtesy and care taken. It is a matter of great pride for all of us that such an institution exists. Mr Valluri Mougli Krishna, Patient Care Counsellor from LVPEI Hyderabad, was very helpful!”

Vivek Mundra

“My daughter Jahnavi was born with a series of life threatening complications – congenital heart problem, cataract and rubella. The doctors in my village were reluctant to operate her. When I met the experienced and efficient team of doctors at LVPEI Visakhapatnam, I knew my baby was in safe hands. She was just 27 days old when the first surgery for cataract removal was performed by Dr Merle Fernandes, supported by the anesthetist team. Her right eye was too small for the intraocular lens to be fit in, so she was prescribed contact lens. This resulted in improved vision but later she developed squint, followed by lazy eye. Things were not easy; no good school was ready to admit her. To my utter happiness, Dr Virender Sachdeva successfully treated her eye problems. Today Jahnavi goes to a good school and I am proud to share that she is doing very well. Our journey with LVPEI has been just amazing and I will be ever thankful to her treating doctors and the entire staff.”

Amalapuram, East Godavari, AP

Tarun Gupta
Dear Dr Subhadra Jalali,

It gives me great pleasure that my daughter Lavanya (your Retinopathy of Prematurity patient) has secured admission at Symbiosis Center for Management Studies, Pune for her BBA course. She completed class 12th this year with 71% marks. I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone at LVPEI, and to you in particular. I still remember our first visit to LVPEI with a 3 month old Lavanya in November 1999. We were staring at a very uncertain future for her. But you and the Rehabilitation team led by Ms Beula Christy showed us the way and together we fought ROP.

Tarun Gupta

Murat Shamsiya
“I am thankful for the opportunity that I got to pursue my pediatric fellowship at LVPEI. It has been a great learning experience. Pediatric congenital cataract is a big problem in my country and no good quality eye care is available. In the hospital where I work in my hometown in Mongolia, we have a new phaco machine and the latest instruments for cataract surgeries. With the experience that I have gained, I am confident I will now be able to treat all kinds of pediatric cataract cases. I also had the opportunity to witness interesting squint cases and advanced surgical interventions. Dr Subhadra Jalali and

Dr Tapas Ranjan Padhi taught me about the early identification and management of Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) and I now look forward to treating ROP cases in my country. I would like to thank Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya, Dr Preeti Patil Chhablani, Dr Akshay Badakere, Dr Vivek Warkad and all the fellows, optometrists, nurses and pediatric team for teaching me and sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences with me.”

Murat Shamsiya
Pediatric Ophthalmologist, National Center for Maternal and Child Health
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Shamsiya completed her fifteen-month pediatric fellowship at LVPEI in June 2017

T V Aishwarya
Glad to share with all that I secured 75% in my B.A. first year exam that I am pursuing through correspondence from Osmania University. When I look back at my academic journey, there came a point in my life when I had to discontinue my Bachelors in Mass Communication in 2008 due to vision loss. I have to admit that

I never thought I will be able to study further. But I was wrong as life had other plans for me or rather LVPEI, I should say! I walked in here as a patient in 2011, joined as an employee in 2013 and now I am also availing the institute's services to study further. Every step I took from the time I came here uncovered great opportunities. 'So that all may have vision', this would be my version of the mission statement of LVPEI as it let me have a vision for my future. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to each one for their support and assistance. Special thanks to T Vinay Kumar, our sound editor for letting me have the audio books on time.

T V Aishwarya, Counsellor, HelpLine Services,

Institute for Vision Rehabilitation, LVPEI.

Dimpy Gupta
My son Jai was born in November 2015 in Delhi with left eye corneal opacity. A doctor referred us to LVPEI Hyderabad for a corneal transplant, the best place for small kids according to him.

At our first visit with Dr Pravin V Krishna, after a long day of tests, he told us that the chances were quite few in this particular case. Jai was having cold and cough so we returned to Delhi feeling hopeless. After a month, we went back for more tests and finally God listened to our prayers. All tests were clear and Dr Muralidhar Ramappa did the surgery in May 2016. He's the best doctor we have ever met - so polite, so gentle. Till date we have travelled to Hyderabad seven times and he has always helped in every possible way. The staff is very friendly and committed. The huge hospital is well maintained in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

I'm also thankful to people who donate corneas. Because of them, Jai didn't have to wait for his surgery. Now he can see through both his eyes. I would advise parents to choose the best for their child - LVPEI Hyderabad. We don't need to tell them kids are a priority because they know it all. They have a separate level designed especially for kids. You can see kids from different parts of the world waiting here. Thank you Dr Muralidhar Ramappa and LVPEI Hyderabad. Keep spreading smiles like this.

Grateful mom
Dimpy Gupta

Sanyasi Rao
"I am an agricultural labourer from Santhapalem village, Kothavalasa mandal, Vizianagaram district. My son, Malluvalasa Pavan Kumar, had black spots in his eyes since the age of two, and his eyelashes were so small that he could not open his eyes easily. The government hospital we consulted referred us to LVPEI in Visakhapatnam. Initially when we came here in 2007, we paid for the check-up and were advised multiple surgeries. Unable to bear the cost of the surgeries, I explained about my financial condition to my consulting doctor. Our request was considered and my son was provided the complete treatment free of cost. Gradually, my son's vision improved, and he is now able to study well and carry out all his work independently. Initially we thought that he will never be able to see, but thanks to LVPEI and the doctors for making this possible."

Sanyasi Rao
(Pavan underwent a corneal transplantation, besides surgeries for squint in both eyes and cataract surgery in his right eye)

Syam Sundar & Lalitha
Our daughter S Sai Sumedha, born in November 2000, seemed to be perfectly normal with all her milestones reached before time. At 6 months of age, a routine check-up by an ophthalmologist at Bijainagar, Ajmer district in Rajasthan, revealed congenital cataract in her right eye. He suggested surgery at age 3, and said vision may not be restored due to atrophy. We brought her to LVPEI Hyderabad where it was diagnosed as PHPV Cataract, requiring surgery to be done within 2nd month of birth. Our daughter was 7 months then but we took our chance. Lensectomy was conducted and we were assured of 80% vision restoration as the central part of the retina i.e. macula was not damaged. It was happy news for us.

Then began the most difficult part of parenting. We were advised to use contact lens in the right eye and do "patching" for the left eye for 50% of the waking hours of the baby, on a daily basis. Spectacles were prescribed for the left eye for myopia. We complied. At age 2.5, she underwent surgery for squint. We put her in school and continued with the advice on patching and contact lens, later going to LVPEI Visakhapatnam for follow-up under Dr Merle Fernandes and Optometrist Rekha. At age 8.5 years, Dr Virender Sachdeva operated her to implant a lens. She later underwent squint surgery too and is now being treated for secondary glaucoma.

All through, we brought her up like a normal child, but what she has achieved is extraordinary; she has recently scored a perfect 10 CGPA in her 10th Grade! We feel indebted to the doctors and optometrists at LVPEI, especially to Dr Virender Sachdeva for responding to all our queries and worries even after his office hours.

Syam Sundar & Lalitha
Shireein Sirohi
I write with immense gratitude to Dr Milind Naik and his team for firstly giving the right guidance. I was very apprehensive about the timing of surgery as my daughter Yumnaa was merely 9 months and I had my fears of anesthesia. Had Dr Milind not emphasized the need for surgery, and made it sound so simple and safe for my baby, I would have postponed the surgery for 6 months. I am glad I didn’t listen to my heart or I would have deprived my baby of clear vision, resulting in lazy eye. My daughter is a completely different person now. She is more active and observant after her ptosis surgery. The oculoplasty team in LVPEI is fantastic. Everyone is so welcoming and makes you feel at ease. My baby never really cried in the 4 visits we made to LVPEI!
Thulasidas Pillai
I visited LVPEI Hyderabad on 12th May 2016 to meet Dr Milind Naik for my Thyroid Orbitopathy issue. First of all, I was astonished at the hospital’s ambience and service standards. Dr Milind was referred by two of my friends I am grateful for the cordial, comfortable and productive time with him; my sincere thanks to his team for their valued support and expertise. I am also impressed by the support and service extended by Ms Srivalli S at the front desk. Thanks to all and keep up the good work.

Thulasidas Pillai
Relationship Officer, Saudi British Bank
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mrs & Mr Khizar Bukhari
Our daughter was one day old when the doctors in Dubai informed she was born with 'Bilateral Congenital Glaucoma' and advised corneal transplant since the eye pressure was increasing day by day, which could lead to permanent blindness. After our research we found LVPEI would be the best option for our daughter's treatment.

We travelled to Hyderabad, India the very next day and met Mr Sam who helped us in all possible ways. We were introduced to Dr Anil Kumar Mandal and Dr Muralidhar Ramappa. After thorough examination, we were told that our daughter was not suffering from glaucoma but 'Corneal opacity' (cloudy eyes) for which a corneal transplant was necessary in the left eye.

We remember, Dr Muralidhar Ramappa said, "We would rather under promise and over deliver, than over promise and under deliver," which gave us the assurance that our daughter is in the right hands. Today, after 3 months of surgery we are proud to say that our daughter's eyesight is back and she responds in a better way. We appreciate LVPEI's professionalism and strongly recommend it for any eye related diseases/problems.

Mrs & Mr Khizar Bukhari
Narasimha Swamy
Dear Dr Prashant Garg,

I convey my sincere thanks to you for clearing all my doubts both pre and post surgery. I highly appreciate the professional acumen with which you performed my surgery. Persons with professional ethics particularly in medical profession now a days are very few & far.I pray to the almighty to bestow you and your family with good health, happiness, peace, prosperity and long life so that you can continue serving those suffering from sight problems and restore their sight.

Warm Regards
Narasimha Swamy
Laxmish Acharya
Dear Dr G N Rao,

I am writing this personal letter as an expression of my heartfelt admiration and respect for you and your esteemed th institution. I was pleasantly awestruck as I entered the hospital in the early hours of April 16 . Unlike at other hospitals, I did not feel intimidated here. I could see the sense of belonging and responsibility in each and every member of your staff, right from the main entrance security guards till I met Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya and Dr Pravin Krishna.

Dr Pravin Krishna then explained in great detail, the pros and cons of the cataract procedure I was to undergo, built up my confidence and set me totally at ease. All through the procedure, he kept me abreast of how and what he was doing.

While my preliminary tests were underway, I had the opportunity of waiting at the extremely comfortable and plush Sight-Saver’s lounge, overlooking a breathtaking green landscape, the high ceiling and the exquisite wall adornments. I read the story of how your dreams and vision have translated into this monumental temple. Much as I would like to participate in your charitable activities, I may not be able to contribute in a big way. However, my wife and I would be highly gratified if you accept our humble donation, and use it as you deem fit. I am enclosing a cheque for an amount of Rs 1,00,000.

Best regards,
Laxmish Acharya
Vanitha Acharya
Bungana Kusuma Kumari
Parlakimidi Village, Gajapathi District, Odisha
I had blue eyes from birth and faced a lot of vision problems. A local ophthalmologist referred me to LVPEI Visakhapatnam. After meeting Dr Merle Fernandes, for the first time I turned optimistic about regaining my vision. My right eye was operated upon for corneal transplantation in August 2008 and my left eye in January 2010. Now my vision is indeed restored and I am indebted to Dr Merle Fernandes and her team!

Ajay Choubey
(Father of Baby Shristi Kumari)
17 February 2016
My baby was preterm, weighed 800 grams and was under ventilation for 3 months. The high ventilation affected her eyes; she was referred to LVPEI for cataract and ROP. Dr Subhadra Jalali at LVPEI Hyderabad treated her with Avastin injections in both eyes, and Dr Virender Sachdeva at LVPEI Visakhapatnam performed cataract surgery. For ROP treatment, Dr Subhadra performed surgery for both the eyes and referred us back to LVPEI Vizag for regular checkup. Our baby is now using contact lenses advised by Optometrist Ramkumar. My baby struggled a lot to regain her vision. Today we are really happy for the services we received from the two LVPEI hospitals in Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad. Our heartfelt thanks to all the doctors, optometrists and patient care staff for their support!

Angshuman Goswami
Dear Dr Beula,

I wanted to share the wonderful experience with my 11 month old son Achintya at the Sensory Garden in LVPEI Vijayawada. He has CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment) and gets easily overwhelmed in public spaces. When Dr Pehere suggested we take him to the garden, to our surprise he started to enjoy the experience. The garden is peaceful with good areas of shade and sun. He loved the white geese, which are well contrasted with the brown soil, and their unique honking sound and movement that caught his attention. He reached out for the different texture of the red flowers and loved the sound of water. Next time, if he is able to walk, I would want him to explore the sand pit, the boat and the plants - on his own, under our supervision. I compliment the team that designed and implemented the garden.

I am Veeraveni from Murari village, Gandepalli Mandal, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. Of my three children, the elder son Peddireddy Sriram had some discharge in his eyes 4 days after birth. A local ophthalmologist recommended LVPEI in Visakhapatnam where Dr Merle Fernandes has been treating him. After his cornea transplant surgery, my son was able to see well. He is now going to school too and can read and write well. We thank the doctor and her team whole-heartedly for the excellent free of cost treatment.

Chilakalapalli Kalidas
I have been a non-paying patient of your Bhubaneswar hospital right from its inception in 2006. Last year, in June 2014, I underwent a glaucoma surgery by Dr Sanghamitra Das and I wholeheartedly thank her for it. The feeling my family and I have is similar to what we feel when we have dharma darshan at the Tirupati Venkateswara Swamy temple. Just as devotees who pay a premium Rs 50 or Rs 300 merge with the devotees lined up for dharma darshan, all ultimately seeking the divine blessings as one, your hospital too offers the same services without discrimination to paying and non-paying patients.
Mitali Khanapurkar
I had been to L V Prasad institute 15 days back for my LASIK (PhemtoSecond LASIK) surgery. The surgery was performed by Dr Somasheila Murthy. I paid 2 visits to the institute for an opinion and surgery, and found the staff extremely humble, courteous and co-operative which is very rare at big hospitals. The surgery went smoothly thanks to the continuous motivation and the healthy atmosphere maintained in the operation theater. The procedure was painless as promised and in fact it was a magical experience. Even though I tried, I couldn’t point out a single flaw in the overall administration and management. The total expenditure is very reasonable as compared to other hospitals. I would, without any doubt, give 5 stars to the institute as I am sure there’s none equal to it in India.
Naima Rajnas (Mother of Md Faaz Bin Rajnas)
When my son Faaz was born I was overwhelmed with joy like any mother. Within hours I realized there was a problem with his vision and my world crashed. When I came to know about LVPEI in Hyderabad, the hospitality I got from here made me feel that they could read my mind! I was at a loss for words when Dr Muralidhar expressed full faith in my son’s ability to see. He first did a corneal transplant and then did cataract surgery. He kept updating on the prognosis without fail. On the last day, my son pointed out an ant moving on the floor and could recognize and identify pictures from a book. I thanked God a million times for making me hand over my kid to the safe hands of Dr Muralidhar.

When I shared my joy with him, he was equally overwhelmed and found time to talk to me even in his busy schedule. That’s the kind of generosity we can hardly find these days. It is my immense pleasure knowing a great doctor and beyond that, meeting a wonderful human being. Thanks for all your support and your faith in my son and your positive vibes will keep us moving with positivity in life.

Chhotray Hembram
Chhotray Hembram, 64, a retired bank officer from Mayurbhanj district, Odisha, visited Dr Avik Kumar Ray at the Glaucoma clinic in LVPEI Bhubaneswar with the vision in his right eye reduced to perception of hand motion only, as well as raised pressure inside the eye. Post a difficult combined surgery for cataract and glaucoma, his eyesight is back to 20/40 and eye pressure well under control. "I have got back not only my eyesight but also life," says a thankful Mr Hembram.
Mansi M Parikh
I was suffering from severe pain in my left eye for more than one year due to Mooren’s Ulcer and could not tolerate even normal daylight. We approached LVPEI in March 2014 with apprehension. The condition and possibility of treatment were explained in detail by Dr Muralidhar Ramappa. Since then we have made several follow up visits and each visit has strengthened the trust and genuineness of treatment. The condition of my eye is far better today.

I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation towards LVPEI, Dr Muralidhar in particular, and his support staff. The quality and standard of services rendered are one of the best that I have come across. The consulting and surgical fee, I feel, are most reasonable and affordable, structured to highlight the institute’s humble and golden intention to help the needy.

I would say LVPEI is a temple of love and care for patients!
Manideep K
I would like to appreciate you for the way you treat your patients. I have never ever seen any doctor with this great patience and care for patients, especially doctors who remember everything about their patients, including their date of journey! Thank you so much for all your service.
Gopisetty Sai Santosh
I am Gopisetty Sai Santosh. When I was in Class Five, I had consulted an eye hospital (at Visakhapatnam) for my problem but was disappointed with their care. Thereafter, I came to know about LVPEI from my relatives and consulted Dr Virender Sachdeva who operated me for squint. I can see much better now and am happy and thankful for the care I received.

Geetika Pachauri
Yes, I have been motivated by a person. His name is Dr Javed Ali. He is a well known doctor at L V Prasad Eye Institute. I think he is great because he can resolve even the biggest of eye problems with a smile. I want to be like that.

(Geetika Pachauri is a student of Class Five and a patient.)
Addepalli Ramamohana Rao, Santhi Ashram, Via Sankhavaram
Prattipadu Mandal, East Godavari District
27 January 2015
I am 79 years of age and a retired employee. I was referred to LVPEI Visakhapatnam as my eyelids keep drooping and I have to lift them for clear vision. I was operated upon by Dr Samir Mahapatra. I must say that all your staff - Appala Naidu the optometrist from Govindapuram, Gayathri the Counselor and other staff who checked and conducted tests discharged their duty so politely, humbly and wonderfully. Dr Samir Mahapatra received me as if I was a close member of his family and my apprehension about the surgery was gone. I am moved to contribute my medical reimbursement of Rs 10,000/- to a deserving patient.
K Lalitha 10th January 2015
My entry to the hospital was with a badly swollen and watering left eye, red in color, inability to look towards my right side or left. I reached Ms Manjula, who suggested I quickly visit the hospital. However due to my work, I reached after 5:00 pm and could connect to Ms Rukhsana. All appreciation and special thanks to Ms Ruksana who did not waste a single minute and guided me to an emergency room. After the preliminary examination she guided me to Dr Muralidhar who reassured me, understood my agony and referred me to Dr Milind Naik.

An ultrasound examination was done that did not show any major defect and Dr Milind Naik assured me that medical management would heal. He is such an amazing doctor. In this fast paced world finding a doctor like him is a blessing. It was comforting to hear him asking his team to share his number with me so I could reach him directly. But the medication did wonders and I was doing fine. To my surprise when a saw my mobile with the doctor’s message the next day, I was extremely happy to see a famous and busy doctor care to drop a concerned message. This thrilled me.

My special thanks to Ms Ruksana. Though she was done with her work for the day, she never showed any kind of anxiety to leave. When I saw it was 7:00 pm, I checked with Ms Ruksana about her shift timings and she just smiled. Right from our entry to the hospital till we left, she stood as a strong pillar supporting and assuring us that nothing would happen to my eye. It’s a great privilege and honor for any institution to have such strong pillars as Customer Service Managers.
Aikya Thoumoung Assam, 5th January 2015
Dear Dr R Kekunnaya,

I don’t know how to thank you and your team after you gifted me the best gift of my life with treating my son Ngilek Taan Seng. I was worried and tense after a doctor in Guwahati told me that it was incurable but after I came to LVPEI I was thrilled with the staff and doctors. I was surprised when you took so much care to explain everything before the operation and after, despite being a very busy person. You even gave your number to contact you if required and made us feel good every time we spoke to you regarding our son’s eye problem. We will always remember the love and care we got from LVPEI.
Mrs Elyas 5th January 2015
Dear Mr Ram Babu,

My daughter Sana Elyas got operated for vision correction on 24 Dec 2014. I am writing to express our heartfelt thanks to the doctor Dr Pravin Krishna for the same. I would also like to mention the excellent support provided by Ms Pooja, your counselor; her guidance was extremely valuable as we were under a lot of stress and very much worried. May God bless her.
Dr K Murali Mohan 30 August 2014

Greetings! I could not refrain from appreciating the services at your institute. As a person in distress on reddening of my wife's right eye, we rushed to your institute travelling a distance of about 500 km from Pulivendula, YSR district. The people at the reception desk, particularly Swarnalatha were so courteous and put us on emergency list. The doctors were so patient and sincere that our problem was forgotten instantaneously and we were advised just vitamin C. Probably it is due to the institutions like this that dharma is felt in kaliyuga on this karma bhoomi. I wish LVPEI touches divine heights and is remembered forever.
Dr Shashikant Y Kulgod MS, FRCS Belgaum, Karnataka
9 October 2014
I had the opportunity to visit LVPEI when I consulted Dr Somasheila Murthy for my son's Keratoconus. We had heard about LVPEI’s expertise but it was also an inspirational experience. Being a doctor and part of commercialized/ capitalistic medicine, it was an eye opener to experience true, ethical medical practice at its best.

On this World Sight Day, my wife and I would like to make a small contribution of Rs 10,000/- towards Hyderabad Eye Institute. Please accept the same.
Ashok Gupta Sep 1st, 2014
This email is in reference to my cataract surgery on 1st Sep 2014. I was very nervous and afraid though it was a very simple cataract surgery, and had requested for General Anesthesia instead of LA due to the fear of not being able to bear the pain. I had multiple rounds of counseling with both the surgeon Dr Virender Sachdeva and the anesthetist Dr Ravindra, and was given LA with a back-up plan for GA if required. I was placed at a slant on the OT bed to ensure comfortable breathing and a special nose chamber was made for me. Dr Sachdeva kept talking to me throughout the surgery on various topics of interest and before I realized it, the surgery was completed.
Ravindra Balgar June 30, 2014
The hospital is the best example for what a group of dedicated doctors can do. Recently, I took a kid of 10 days with an eye problem that was not diagnosed by Gulbarga doctors. The response in L V PRASAD was superb.

  1. The case was attended immediately (nobody needed to tell them kid’s case is emergency)
  2. To my surprise four doctors (2 Junior and 2 Senior) attended and diagnosis was made: bacterial conjunctivitis.
  3. Blood test was done to confirm that the infection has not spread.
  4. Nobody will believe if I say that the total bill was just Rs 250 + 30 for car parking.
  5. We took back the kid after a week (as suggested) and we’re very happy when told "no problem".
I took a photograph of the hospital and posted a status in FB the same day. Many of my friends were very happy and surprised; the rest commented that they already knew this.

Tomorrow is Doctors’ Day. I will wish them through my status update on FB.
Good luck to L V PRASAD.
Madhwapur Allahabad
July 18, 2014

I came to your Institute for my son Mr Devarshi Bhattacharya’s treatment. I have a high opinion about your Institute because all the respected doctors and staff have given me complete support. The doctors examined his eyes with due interest and care. I am very proud to have been here to get the best treatment within my budget. The environment at the hospital is very neat and clean too. I pray to God for the progress of the Institute in the years to come.

T K Bhattacharya,
Dr Arifunnisa Hyder and Dr A Raheem Moulana (husband) Nephrologist
Holy Makkah, Saudi Arabia
July 09, 2014
This is Dr Arifunnisa Hyder, operated for cataract in your hospital in early February 2014. We had a great time during our stay in your hospital and appreciate the services provided. Dr Prashant Garg was very friendly with us. His surgery was excellent. Special mention for the services of your Counselor Harika. She was kind, cooperative, and dutiful to patients. We wish her all the best in her career.

Dr. Kaushik Pandit Referring doctor from Durgapur, West Bengal.
June 21, 2014
Dear Dr. Jalali,

Thanks a lot for your kind help and the treatment provided (laser therapy).The patient and his family has come back with pleasant experiences, which was possible because of your kind gesture. Thank you once again.

(Ayush Maity, a 9 year old boy from Durgapur, West Bengal was diagnosed to have Stage 1 Coats Disease and treated by Dr. Subhadra Jalali )
May 19, 2014
Dear Ma'am,

This is Parthiban who came to you for a second opinion in January 2011 for my son Shakthidhar who was one month old. He was born with Micro ophthalmic eyes and was first seen by Mr. Lingam Gopal from Shankar Nethralaya. After a thorough examination at your institute, we were advised by your rehabilitation center to give continuous stimulation to his eyes with the help of lights and objects that could possibly reflect light. We did our best. Now he is 3 and a half years old. He is able to open his eyes and see light and bright objects and is also able to identify all the colors. He is very active and is spending most of his time with music and songs. We are going to admit him to Little Flower Convent school in coming July for his studies.

I remembered you at this moment and thought that I should thank you and convey this improvement.

Thank you very much Ma'am for supporting us at the right time.

(An narrated by Shakthidhar's mother, Parthiban from Chennai - A case of Micro ophthalmic eyes - thanking Dr. Subhadra Jalali for her support)
Narsing Das Maheshwari April 04, 2014
I was operated on both the eyes alternately by Dr Varma with a very good outcome. Even though I was here, my mind and intellect remained in Assam. However, I found the services, courtesy and compassion of all the fellow members of the Institute to be very loving, which is very impressive and memorable.

(Operated on both eyes for cataract by Dr P V K S Varma at LVPEI Visakhapatnam)
Mr Sumitra
International Business Manager
March 31, 2014
Dear Dr Ramesh,

Thanks a lot for your excellent efforts and support to my daughter. My family is grateful to you for all you have done for us - kindness, generosity, patience, professionalism, talent, expertise, compassion and your smile. Today, I don’t have right words for you. We are extremely lucky to be have been taken care of by you and the LVPEI team.

I want to share a moment with you. I was at home and my daughter thought I was busy with my laptop. She went close to the mirror and saw her eyes very closely and told me slowly in my ear, "Papa my eyes are ok. Now no one will tease me in school." Dear Dr Ramesh, you are an excellent doctor and a kind man too; you can understand the depth of these words. God Bless you.

I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Thanks and best regards,

Pratyaksha Pandey (patient) was operated for squint (strabismus) on 25 March, 2014.
Josie Noah Director, Surgeon Training
Global Programs, SightLife
Feb 25, 2014
Dr. Rao, GC, Prashant, and Somasheila,

I had the opportunity to observe doctors, nurses, fellows and staff, live many of the LVPEI values while I was there, but one instance was particularly memorable. At the end of a long day in the OR, Pravin had a particularly challenging patient scheduled for a DALK surgery. She was very uncomfortable and it took about 30 minutes to calm her down, which was a team effort, including fellows, nurses, and an anesthetist. This included tenting the drapes and a nurse sitting on the floor through the entire surgery holding the air tube in just the right place. Throughout the entire process of before, during and after the surgery, the team ensured that the patient's needs were put before their own.

I saw the patient the next day in OPD, and she was grateful for the service provided.
Sabita and Kakarla family
Dear Dr.Subhadra,

Thank you very much for your support and care for my mother over the last several years. Our family really appreciates your taking time to provide support and treatment for my mother. With warm regards,

(Mrs. Kakarla is an elderly patient of nearly 10 years standing with LVPEI. She recently had a fall resulting in hip fracture. She was very disturbed about her fragile state of eye getting further damaged due to the fall. Since she could not come to LVPEI, Dr. Subhadra visited her at her home to treat her.)
Magatha Panda Gunupur town, Rayagada district, Odisha
Sep 11 And 12, 2013
"I am aged 84 years. Both my eyes were operated for cataract 22 years ago. But progressively, I found myself unable to read freely as my left eye would water. I thought I would go blind with advancing age. Fortunately, Dr Merle Fernandes gave me hope. I am now able to read the newspaper and books too. Thanks to God’s grace, and Dr Merle Fernandes' and Dr Divya’s affectionate care given to me on 11th and 12th September 2013, I am now able to write and read like anyone else. I sincerely thank all the doctors and sisters who attended on me."

(Corneal transplant surgery performed and bandage contact lens implanted).
James Oladele& Deborah Nigeria
Oct 19, 2013
Dear Mr Sam,

I am writing to thank you and the management of LV Prasad a great deal for our experience at the Institution. We appreciate the selfless commitment & dedication of the entire staff of the hospital. My wife and I appreciate the God-gifted hands of the team of doctors and how God has used those wonderful hands to resolve the riddle of my wife's glaucoma. Our prayer is that God will bless and help all of you to prosper. Kindly convey our deep sense of appreciation to the Management of L V Prasad for bearing the expenses of the last intervention on my wife. We sincerely pray that the hand-of-the-giver of LV Prasad will always be held higher and higher.

Mr Sam, we sincerely appreciate your humility and readiness to be of help to us at every junction of our need. Our prayer is that you and your family will not miss out God's incredible blessings.
Manisha Misra June 22, 2013
Dear Sir,

My father and I had taken an appointment at LVPEI Hyderabad for consultation and evaluation of our conditions (Best Disease and Macular Degeneration along with scars in the macula). My father works at the Rourkela Steel Plant, Orissa, and I am placed at Mumbai. Both of us have been under the treatment of doctors at IGH, Rourkela. It was on their suggestion to get in touch with you that we had fixed the appointment.

My father was recently treated at Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore, when he complained of extreme deterioration in his eyesight. He was diagnosed with presbyopia, macular degeneration and central serous chorioretinopathy, bilateral in both eyes.

However, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of getting the advice and opinion of experts on our case. It was a very informative and enriching experience for us. We shall be really grateful for the care and concern showed to us by you (Dr T P Das), Dr Subhadra and her colleagues. The staff at LVPEI completed all investigations and advised us regarding measures we should take in order to help us in our condition.

Thank you once again for your valuable time. This means a lot to us.
Shefali Bhatia Corporate Affairs
BS Limited
June 17, 2013
Dear Sam,

It gives me immense pleasure and I am deeply touched to let you know how wonderful and beautiful the staff of LVPEI are.

I have been visiting the hospital along with guests from outside Hyderabad and they were looked after well. For the first time, I personally visited for my problem and I am so deeply touched by the way I was looked after that I am falling short of words. I was attended to by Ms Nazia, I don’t know your other staff member, but I definitely wish and hope that the other members of your hospital would be just like her - professional, sincere, human and soft. She made me so comfortable while abiding by the rules. I am grateful I visited the hospital.

Thank you for having such wonderful people around.

It was indeed a pleasure also talking to you.
Shefali Bhatia Roma Wadhwani
June 08, 2013
Dear Dr. Pravin & Dr. Sirisha,

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for and members of your staff, specially Mr. Sam Balasundram, who walked that extra mile going beyond the line of duty, to take care of me and to look after my comforts during my recent visit to your Institute.

Not only do I consider you outstanding doctors, you are a wonderful people too - informative, patient, warm and an endless source of optimism. Your quiet confidence and compassion has changed my life and words alone will never capture my sincerest gratitude.

Haresh and I are truly grateful to have you as my doctors. Thank You!

As I continue with my endeavor to recover from the recent surgery, I want to thank you for your contribution in making my future bright. Your concern for your patients, is a gift others cannot compare and for your kindness I shall remain in debt.
Dr Pratima Giri New Zealand
April 29, 2013
Dear Dr Jalali,

I am a developmental paediatrician currently based in New Zealand. We would like to thank you for the e-mail advice provided to my father regarding a retinal problem. On your advice, I contacted Dr Narayanan who promptly arranged for my father's assessment.

My father is 80 yrs old and last week experienced a visual deterioration, in that he was unable to read and write. He saw an ophthalmologist who diagnosed macular degeneration; "dry" and scarred macula in the left eye and "wet" in the right eye. My father also had a few background medical issues which I had discussed with Dr Narayanan on phone. On his advice, he has received his first intra-vitreous injection and we are waiting to see how he responds to it.

My father has asked me to thank you for pointing us in the right direction. I would also like to thank all your team and particularly to Dr Narayanan for all his inputs.

Many Thanks.
Keshava R Dugnoor MBA Full Time,2014
Iowa State University
April 26, 2013
Dr. Sangwan,

"Good Morning. I hope my email finds you in the best of times. My name is Keshava R Dugnoor, your Boston-Kpro patient since 2010. I am doing good. I have completed 2 semesters of my MBA course work (GPA 3.9/4.0) and will be graduating in May 2014. Health is stable but for intermittent pain in the right eye. However, I am regularly taking eye drops as prescribed. I have replaced the Bcontact lens in the eye myself 3 times over the past 9 months.

I am greatly indebted to you, to the fellow doctors and to the team of wonderful people at LVPEI for giving me a new lease of life."
Dr. Aminuddin Khan, Hyderabad Auckland, New Zealand
April 17, 2013
Dear Dr G Chandra Sekhar,

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude for consenting to see Olivia thoroughly and make an assessment of her eyes. I wish to state that we were truly impressed by the professionalism, standard of medical care provided and of course the attitude and efficiency of all the doctors we met during our visit to your hospital. Hats off to your wise leadership and for the service your hospital provides to the community. The services provided and the time management far surpasses the clinic/hospital here in Auckland.
Vitus J Fernandes, Auckland, New Zealand
April 17, 2013
Dear Dr G Chandra Sekhar,

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude for consenting to see Olivia thoroughly and make an assessment of her eyes. I wish to state that we were truly impressed by the professionalism, standard of medical care provided and of course the attitude and efficiency of all the doctors we met during our visit to your hospital. Hats off to your wise leadership and for the service your hospital provides to the community. The services provided and the time management far surpasses the clinic/hospital here in Auckland.
Dr. Aminuddin Khan, Hyderabad April 15, 2013
Dear Dr.Garg,

No, that is too formal. I would much rather say my dear Prashant. Thank you very much for the courtesy and attention I received at LVPEI. What I like very much is the attitude of your people. They are such a caring team - in the corridors, the consultation rooms, the de-robing ante rooms prior to surgery and in the theatre. It seems all pervasive and I reckon that is a rare thing in India today. I wish you the very best in the years to come.
Dr Aminuddin Khan was operated upon by Dr Prashant Garg for cataract. Dr Khan’s wife had earlier undergone a similar surgery in both her eyes.
K. Gopalakrishna Retd. Deputy General Manager
Dept. of Telecom, Govt. of India
April 06, 2013
This is to place on record the excellent services rendered by Anil K Mandal, Glaucoma Specialist at your Hospital. My wife, Smt. Konkepudi Suvarchala Devi, 70 years is being treated for glaucoma and was operated on 26-3-2013 in her right eye under Premium Package.

Dr. Anil K Mandal, who treated and operated her right eye, is most humane, courteous and smiling. He infuses courage in the patient and makes them comfortable, removing their anxiety, fear and tension about their eyes. He explains to them about the treatment and operation that is necessary for them. He does things with a very reassuring manner, with all kindness.

We wish to thank Dr. Anil K Mandal profusely and express our grateful thanks to him through your office.
Nicole Yap, Elli Suzuki and Dmitriy Edwa Students of MIT Sloan, Cambridge, Massachusetts, on a two-week project March 18 - 31, 2013.
March 31, 2013
We were truly impressed by the work done at LV Prasad Eye Institute, and the commitment of its staff to deliver the best possible care for its patients.

The students from MIT Sloan had their eyes examined by Dr. Pravin Krishna
Sulekha Aikat, Founder & Hony. Gen. Secretary, Astitwa Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India
January 22 - 27, 2013
Our deepest gratitude for all the facilities extended to us during our visit, for providing us with free eye check up, food and accommodation. Special thanks to Mr Sam Balasundaram and Mrs Rukhsana.

(Astitwa is an organization for people with disability who had visited LVPEI Hyderabad from January 22 - 27, 2013, for the eye check up of eight visually impaired children, a team of eleven persons in all including caretakers.)
Daniel Epstein, MD Univ Zurich Hospital
January 26, 2013
Dear Dr Rao,

Many thanks for arranging the visit to the Institute last Saturday. Sam gave us a VIP tour, and patiently answered all our questions although we bombarded him incessantly for one hour. You have done an absolutely amazing job, and the facilities and the research (behold the stem cell work) can hold a candle to any major university in the world. Knowing from Peter Laibson that you started from scratch makes the accomplishments even more stunning. The visit to the Institute was not only the overwhelming highlight of the trip, but in terms of relevance to real life and humanitarian impact probably beats anything we have seen for many a year. (And we travel a lot...)

We heard you received an award for your humanitarian work, and cannot imagine a more worthy recipient.
Rajkumar Khandelwal, Hyderabad May 23, 2012
Dear Dr Rao,

I happened to visit your hospital at Banjara Hills, along with a relative. Your staffer Vanita Ganesh (Associate Administrator) is one of the best in terms of her behavior and helpful nature to the patients. The way she interacts with patients and their attenders is highly appreciable. I congratulate you for having such good staff members.
Pulizala Raghavender, Hyderabad April 21, 2012
Dear Dr Rao,

Thank you for the wonderful job your team did on 18-4-2012 for my OD cataract surgery. I was so tense, but the assurance given by Dr Somasheila Murthy helped me opt for local anesthesia, instead of general. The doctor not only saved the unnecessary expenditure of general anesthesia, but saved me and my wife from a lot of anxiety and tension.

Any institute or organization runs on the efforts of dedicated individuals. Dedicated doctors like Somasheila are a great asset to any institute. I would like to see her in this prestigious institute for a long time. I thank her and her wonderful team. I may not see her again, but one's relations should be like what a great philosopher said, "Do you know the relationship between two EYES? They blink together, they move together, they cry together, even though they never see each other."

PS: We have been involved in donating eyes since 1979. Recently, on April 17, we donated the eyes of my aunt Pulizala Shakuntala Bai to LVPEI. So far we have donated 17 persons' eyes, through our circle of friends and relatives
Dr Leonor Beleza, President, Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal
Dear Dr Rao,

The grand scale of LVPEI's work is such that it can be easy to look from the outside and not truly consider the impact that your endeavours have on each individual. The story from LVPEI's rehabilitation group is certainly a timely reminder of how important each person is within your institute.

Indeed, the progress you continue to make throughout your eye care pyramid is remarkable - from the community work to the honours received by your scientists and clinicians, LVPEI is as always a shining example to healthcare organisations of any kind.

As we enter into 2011 we at the Champalimaud Foundation are proud to be associated with you and your team at LVPEI and I wish you a very happy holiday season and another successful and productive year.
Ms Pat Ferguson, President, Operation Eyesight Universal, Canada
This is a lovely story (Coming back to life – Vijaya Madhuri) ... I thought it was extraordinary the summer camps you run for visually impaired and blind kids. This is difficult to find in NA let alone India.
Ms Pat Ferguson, President, Operation Eyesight Universal, Canada
The new website is really excellent by the way. In reading it and the annual report I was again struck that LVP has become a very large, complex and sophisticated organization. It is hard to comprehend all the activities with the institute as a whole that comprise the work of LVPEI. I believe it truly is second to none anywhere.

I continue to be annoyed that LVPEI does not always get the international recognition it deserves — something I would like to discuss when I see you in New York. We are struggling with some of that ourselves. I also was curious if it would make sense to highlight how many non-cataract (complex) surgeries and services are provided at no
cost or a subsidized rate — I still think this is exceptional and not well understood.
Anyway congratulations to all your fine staff who are very clear about LVPEI's mission and deliver such extraordinary service across the entire institute.
Mr Palle Rama Rao, Distinguished Professor
International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy & New Materials, Hyderabad
I was going through the 2008-09 LVPEI annual report today. It is truly very impressive full of commendable items of all-round progress. There are notable developments at every tier of the pyramid. My good wishes to you and every member of the Institutes expanding family for continued success.