The LVPEI Education & Training

An unforgettable handshake
Dr Mayank Mahajan from Agra is currently one of the two fellow doctors posted at the Kuchakulla Ramachandra Reddy Eye Centre, Thoodukurty, Nagarkurnool district, Telangana. His most memorable experience at the centre thus far: “I operated a deaf and mute lady who had bilateral dense cataract, hampering her vision in both the eyes. It was very difficult to make her understand that she will be undergoing a surgery - gesticulation was the only way possible! The surgery was uneventful and the patient was discharged the next day. After a week, the patient was examined for routine follow-up. She shook my hand and tears poured out from her eyes, probably the only way for her to express happiness. It was indeed an unforgettable handshake!"
Dr Edak Ezeanosike’s LVPEI Experience
Dr Edak Ezeanosike, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dept of Ophthalmology, Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria is currently undergoing a 15 month (April 2015 - June 2016) fellowship program in Oculoplasty at LVPEI.

“The timing of my fellowship couldn’t have been better. Oculoplasty in LVPEI has advanced tremendously in the last few years with newer and better technologies being used now. The doctors are also at the peak of their careers and are making tremendous progress.

Many patients in Negeria lose vision because of trauma, retinoblastoma, eye tumors, etc., and there is no quality care available. The volume of patients and the type of diseases that I am being exposed to here has improved my knowledge and skills multi-fold.

Before the training is over, all the trainees are expected to attain a certain level of expertise. The faculty constantly pushes you and motivates you to achieve that level and even exceed,” says Edak.

Ask her about her family, and you can’t help but notice her eyes turning moist. She has five children, elder daughter aged 16, and two sets of twins aged 14 & 10 respectively. “It has not been easy for me to leave my children and come to India. My children are currently at a very crucial stage of their schooling, especially my elder daughter and I am not there with them. But now I feel this fellowship has been worth all the sacrifices that I have made and the extreme hard work and long hours that I am demanded to put in. I couldn’t have got a better learning platform than LVPEI,” says Edak with a smile.
All of us are very happy
“All of us are very happy that we got a glimpse of the LVPEI culture and the extraordinary work that is carried out at LVPEI’s GMRV campus . We are going back with  with greater understanding about the various options that we can now explore and a confidence to face the many challenges that our likely to come our way as we proceed in this field. In the limited time that we have spent here, all the various departments have contributed equally to our training and for that a Big Thank You to all of you. 

Feedback from the postgraduate students of Regional Eye Hospital who completed their one month observership program at GMR Varalakshmi Campus, Visakhapatnam.
Dr Agustina Borrone’s LVPEI-inspired Dreams
Ever since she was a little child, growing up in La Plata Buenos Aires, she always wanted to help people to see. After finishing her medical school in Argentina, the dream of becoming an Ophthalmologist appeared close to reality, so Agustina applied, was accepted and finished her Ophthalmology residency program at the Clinica de Ojos in 2014. Of all the subspecialties that she trained in Cornea was always her first love and passion.

Agustina heard about L V Prasad Eye Institute from Alfredo Roude, a former short term fellow from Buenos Aires, who spent 5 months in the Cornea service, several years ago years and immediately started dreaming that one day, she too would like to become a cornea fellow from “this amazing place full of values, with such high standard levels of education and where the unwavering, primary focus is placed on helping to cure blindness, using research as one of the most important implements to do so.”

After applying and waiting for a whole year, Agustina finally received notice of being accepted as a cornea fellow in 2015. In her own words, “Finally my dream was coming true.”

“When I came to India I was full of expectations, and this place and its people exceeded them. Every day for me has become an amazing learning experience.”

“In LVPEI I have the opportunity to work with some leading Ophthalmologists, they provide excellent medical care, and above all the focus is always about the people who are in need.”

Now, she is proud to be part of the new Tej Kohli Cornea Institute.

The icing on the cake was that Agustina had the privilege of discovering some fantastic new friendships with colleagues and peers, who she says, have became more than family to her.

After spending a year In LVPEI with only a few more months left here, she has start thinking about all the possibilities that this fellowship has offered and the opportunities that could open up once she is back home.

“Ophthalmology in Argentina needs to improve, and I know that my job will help to do this. I’m looking forward to start working at the Hospital de Clinicas Jose de San Martinand helping to create an Eye bank is one of my aims and with LVPEI as an example I am sure we will be able to do that. I’m also keen to work in smaller towns where patients need eye care the most and will definitely be part of my work.” “The list of things I can do with all what I have seen and learnt at LVPEI is unimaginable. This place with its people will forever hold a special place in my heart. I’m really thankful for all those who helped me to achieve my dream and I will be forever thankful for this opportunity.”
Dorothy Fiadoyor's Training
Dorothy Fiadoyor, 53, Ophthalmic Principal Nursing Officer from Ghana, underwent a 6-month customized training program from October 2014 to March 2015 at the Academy of Eye Care Education, LVPEI, Hyderabad. The program, a mix of pediatric nursing, counseling and vision rehabilitation, was meant to train her for the pediatric eye care unit at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Ghana. Says Dr Vera Adobea Essuman, Head of the Pediatric Center: “Dorothy's training at LVPEI has definitely made a positive impact on our services here. She has set up our counseling and vision stimulation centre, has been doing the preliminarily screening of pediatric patients and checking their intraocular pressures, is providing enhanced nursing care in the theatre, and is also now working on designing patient counseling material. She has started training other ophthalmic nurses outside the hospital and with time will be able to train nurses across Ghana. Moving ahead, she will be trained by a pediatric ophthalmologist here on orthoptic exercises, and on assisting doctors in the management and monitoring of children with amblyopia. Her other focus area will be to conduct research in her area of practice.”

Dorothy has surely emerged as one of the best trainees LVPEI has had.
Turning Point
My turning point in life started at the IT room in LVPEI’s Vision Rehabilitation Centre where I underwent computer training. Despite being visually challenged, I was able to enhance my skills to the fullest and get the eligibility to work for Cisco Systems, a multinational company. IT training has added colour to my life and made me feel equal to my sighted peers. My IT instructors, Mr Manesh Maheshwari and Mr Mohan trained me so well that I’m able to operate computers independently.

When I lost my vision, I thought working on a computer would remain an unfulfilled dream but LVPEI has made this dream come true for me. In addition to the computer training, I have also learnt many other things from here. I feel that the Vision Rehabilitation Centre is the perfect place for any visually challenged person to overcome their barriers and live an independent life. It is my great pleasure to meet such a wonderful team that has changed my life completely.

Surbhi Mudghal
Internship at LVPEI
The very thought of a Grade XII student doing an internship at LVPEI is awesome. I had the privilege, from 19th to 27th November, of interacting with LVPEI's doctors and engineers. A guided tour of their rehabilitation centre had me see almost all the ways in which people with reduced vision or blindness can continue to live a normal life with the help of tools ranging from putting rubber bands on containers to identify them, to state-of-the-art text-to-speech softwares and even a 3D vision correcting tool. I observed Dr Nandhini and Dr Matthew work on an application to analyze the neuropsychology underpinning of perceptual experience, and Dr Somasheila Murthy in OPD had me realize that ophthalmology and optometry are subjects of vast study. Dr Virender Sangwan interacted with me on eye imaging techniques and I was guided on this by Mr Kiran Challa.

At the microbiology lab, Dr Savitri Sharma showed me the extraction of a sample of cornea, culturing and observing it under a microscope, and Dr Shivaji, who has been to both the Arctic and Antarctic, shared some of his experiences in Biology - it was an educative experience indeed.

My visit to Srujana, the Innovation Centre, led me to meet Dhruv Joshi and other Engineers who are working with world class eye specialists to ease the workflow of detecting and diagnosing eye problems. It is an awesome application of MITs Rethinking Engineering Design eXecution principle. I got to see them demo all their prototypes, and this has given me an insight into a lot of things, led me to work on a few tasks and made me realize that being an engineer is no hurdle to improve the lives of others.

Grade XII, Meridian School, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Apurva Vedire Medical student
As little kids we loved building things and exploring the world around us. As we grew up we got too busy learning about the things other people had already invented and discovered. Somewhere along the line, we forgot that we were capable of making things too. We forgot the joy of creating.

At the ReDx camp, I learnt and tried things I would never have had the opportunity to do otherwise in my chosen field of medicine. I had hoped to meet amazing doctors and scientists from around the world but I never imagined I would actually get a chance to interact with them as closely as I got to. I realized they didn't just want to cure diseases or save lives. They wanted to CHANGE lives. They were thinking out of the box, and I realized that these incredible people were not just engineers, scientists or doctors but had found a way to blend their multiple skill sets to achieve anything they aspired for. The ReDx camp has taught me a lot in one week. But most importantly, it has inspired me beyond belief, and shown me an entire network of people around the world with only one mission: to follow their passion and positively impact millions.
Experience of a lifetime
While pursuing his post graduation from Minto Ophthalmic Institute, Bangalore, Dr Akshay Badakare happened to attend a lecture in Hubli where Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya was a speaker and mentioned about the impressive comprehensive fellowship program at LVPEI. At the same time, Dr Akshay’s wife Dr Swathi Badakare attended EyePEP, a program for postgraduate ophthalmology students, hosted by LVPEI. The couple went ahead and applied for the three year comprehensive fellowship program at LVPEI.

“The fellowship program at LVPEI is at par with the international standards and undoubtedly the best in the country. Initially, it took us couple of weeks to adjust to the rigorous routine but soon things fall in place. I value not only the academic knowledge that I have gained, but also the important lessons that I have learnt in time management and work-life discipline at LVPEI,” says Dr Akshay.

As part of their fellowship, the couple was posted at the peripheral centre, Y Mahabaleshwarappa Memorial Eye Centre in Bellary, Karnataka. “The real challenge at the new centre was to build a rapport with the community and gain their trust. This also made us aware of the various health issues faced by the communities. When Swathi saved a poor, elderly man’s vision by operating him for cataract in his only remaining eye, his entire family turned up to thank us. It was an overwhelming experience that we will cherish for lifetime,” recalls Dr Akshay.

Dr Akshay and Dr Swathi have completed their comprehensive fellowship in pediatric ophthalmology and glaucoma respectively in June 2015. They have decided to continue their journey with LVPEI and will soon be joining the institute as consultants.
26 June 2015
Dear Dr Rao, Dr GC, Dr VSS and Dr SS,

I’m currently in Mexico City as invited faculty for a three-day Ocular Surface Workshop organized by Pan-American Cornea Society (PanCornea) that’s attended by Cornea fellows from all over the American continents including the US.

I performed live surgical demonstrations of SLET and LVP Kpro, two surgical techniques developed at LVPEI and now being adopted globally. It was a long day and I was a bit apprehensive to begin with, because the cases were extremely complicated. The operating room and gallery were packed with people, literally climbing over one another to watch the surgeries. But I’m happy to say that all the 4 surgeries were uneventful and patients are doing very well post-operatively.

I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that the appreciation I received afterwards would not have been possible without the intellectual freedom that is granted to all faculty at LVPEI by the top management, the innovative genius of Dr Sangwan and the solid support of Dr Somasheila.

(Dr Sayan Basu on an email dated 26 June 2015)
24 March 2015
Dr Somasheila,

This is to thank you for planning my SICS training at Vijayawada. It was a great learning experience for me. The consultants Dr Arjun, Dr Niranjan, Dr Aravind and Dr Mahesh are excellent teachers. Because of their comforting nature, I could clear even naive doubts without any inhibitions. Dr Arjun planned my 15 day training period very well and guided me throughout. As I had gone there directly after my posting at the eye bank, I had very little idea about the OT protocols followed at LVP. Dr Arjun taught me everything right from the scrubbing and gloving technique to the documentation and usage of the EMR portal. Dr Aravind, apart from the regular SICS training, taught me the intricacies of decision making in difficult situations. Dr Niranjan’s practical pearls in management of pediatric cataract cases shall remain with me lifelong. I had never done cataract extraction with Blumenthal technique before. Dr Mahesh infused confidence in me in handling the steps of AC maintainer and nucleus delivery, which I was doing for the first time using this technique.

Apart from the SICS training, I observed pediatric cataract surgeries, therapeutic penetrating keratoplasties, DSAEK and pterygium surgery with autograft. I also did corneal tear suturing and scleral tear suturing. I saw interesting cases in the OPD.

Pratik Gogri
Dr Enrique Graue-Hernandez Consultant Corneal Surgeon, Mexico
On behalf of the Mexico SLET Delegation. We thank you for all the great hospitality. We leave with lots of new knowledge and even more questions to answer. But more importantly, we leave with new friends and colleagues! Thanks to the Ocular Surface Workshop and LVPEI .
Impressions from Carey Business School
  • The most substantial impression that was left with me following the Innovation for Humanity project with LVPEI was the impact that an organization can not only have on a community but also on an entire region.
  • Although this model was proved to work in healthcare, I believe that it can be transitioned to a range of organizations that will be able to provide service to those who have no access as well as remain a financially viable entity.
Ryan Ross
  • The Institute’s work is inclusive and provides care to not only those who are economically vulnerable but also socially and medically vulnerable too.
  • The L V Prasad Eye Institute is a true model of Innovation for Humanity and Business, with Humanity in mind.
Leah Sbriscia
  • We visited 1 secondary center and 2 primary centres on the way. We got to see how well trained doctors work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day in the secondary centre. We saw optometrists work in primary centres in the middle of a local market of a small town. We saw non-paying patients and saw their happy faces. We can feel their respect for LVPEI’s doctors.
  • LVPEI did all this “so that all may see”, we saw indeed.
Wei Zhao
A satisfying teaching experience
I was distributing the answer sheets for the Visual Optics course that I teach to the 2nd year Optometry students at the Bausch & Lomb School of Optometry (BLSO) and there was a debate about the answer to a question - on a topic related to how two different spectacles prescribing strategies may impact the vision of patients with astigmatism. Contrary to my argument that both prescribing strategies would produce similar visual outcome, the students provided evidence from their experiments in the pre-clinical laboratory that one prescribing strategy produced better vision than the other.

I was very impressed with - firstly, the clear thought process of the students and the manner they had imbibed the core ideas involving correction of astigmatism in patients. Secondly, the advantage of pre-clinical labs that we set up a couple of years ago and how well they have been utilized by the BLSO faculty for promoting evidence-based medicine. Thirdly, the confidence of the students in gently (but firmly) arguing against my point and proving themselves correct by providing evidence.

I was certainly satisfied teaching these students yesterday, and reassured about our teaching methodology to promote evidence-based practice of optometry and encourage significant two-way communication between the faculty and students.

Dr Shrikant Bharadwaj
Scientist ­ Visual Optics Laboratory & Associate Director of Optometry
Greetings from Yemen
“Just yesterday I realised the real importance of a Patodia presentation. I realised how much confidence, how much the ability to participate actively in all types of scientific discussion, how much respect and silence there was inside the hall while I was talking; how much the attendants and audience listened to my comments. I am really surprised by the amount of respect for LVPEI and its values by international speakers from Germany and Italy.

Beside surgery and clinical skills in the field of retina, which is really amazing and admired by all my colleagues and seniors in Yemen and KSA, research work, scientific activities, academic events all make LVPEI very unique and different.”

Abdullah Hussein
5 March 2015
International Women's Day on March 6th at Shantha Biotech
Dear Dr Subhadra Jalali,

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule, riding all the way to Medchal (!) and addressing the women at Shantha – this was our very first major function for International Women’s Day and I feel we have set a wonderful precedent! ( I have been the CEO for almost 4 years, and this is the first time we are doing this sort of function – as Tashif is now on board over the last year and championing it!)

It was wonderful to have you at our site. Both me, Gowri and also the Shantha staff thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your very lively presentation – the topic you spoke on was a very serious one, but I think you made it easily accessible to the people in the room with pictures and clear/simple messages of ‘Roshni in 30 days’ etc. This does connect well with the mission of Shantha as a company that works in public health in the developing world. So, I believe our people could relate well with the intent of your work. I think it will impact the various young women who will keep this in mind when they have their own children later in their life

Additionally, your speech on your life was also very wonderful to hear and connect with for most of the women in the audience. It showed that women need to have to believe in themselves, work hard, be flexible to succeed in the different areas of their lives. They also need very supportive partners to achieve this! Please pass on my warm regards to Dr Kaul.

I hope the visit to the crčche gave you some thoughts that you could use in your own organization.

With best wishes & thanks. Look forward to seeing you again!
Feedback from participants on second workshop on ocular surface disorders
"Attended an excellent workshop on Ocular Surface disorders in LVPEI Hyderabad. No patient with a PL vision and a normal posterior segment should be denied vision in this era. Got trained to treat such "hopeless eye diseases" and would be very happy to treat them. Patients of very severe dry eye, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, chemical injuries, etc. in whom we believe there can be no visual restoration are NOW treatable. A new technique devised at LVP - LVP Kpro- is now available to us and we can TREAT these patients." - Dr Rajat Jain, Cornea Specialist, DrishtiCone Eye Care, New Delhi.

"Helped two patients recover their vision after chemical injuries using SLET, a surgical technique we learned at OSW 2015. Also plan to help SJS patients by doing eyelid mucous membrane grafting, another useful technique we learned at OSW" - Dr Ashi Khurana, Director and Dr Prateek Teotia, Consultant Corneal Surgeon, CL Gupta Eye Institute, Moradabad, UP

"Treating a patient with severe cement injury to the eye using SLET, a technique I learnt at LVPEI, Hyderabad and have been using since 2012 for my patients in USA" - Guillermo Amescua, Assistant Professor, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, FL, USA

"Started doing lid-margin mucosu membrane grafting to help patients post-SJS and also teaching others to do the same. Thanks to OSW!" - Dr Raj Anand, Consultant Eye Surgeon, Chinmaya Vision, New Delhi.

"It was wonderful to be a part of this Ocular Surface Disease workshop at LVPEI Hyderabad last week, spread over 3 days with one day devoted to surgical demonstrations and skill transfer course on lid margin MMG, SLET and LVPKpro and Boston type one Kpro. On the second day in the clinics we saw a variety of interesting cases and follow ups of long term surgery and outcome. The last day was full of talks and case discussions - very interactive format.." - Dr Paras Mehta, Cornea Consultant, Baroda, Gujarat

"We learnt a lot, thank you! We are doing SLET for our patients in Mexico, with great results! Thanks to OSW and LVPEI!" - Dr Enrique Graue-Hernandez and Dr Alejandro Navas, Consultant Corneal Surgeons, Mexico City, Mexico
Mahesh Thogari'S Pursuit Of Excellence
Over a hot summer in 2010, security guard Mahesh Thogari's acumen was noticed by his seniors in the Security Department Shive Shankar and Nageswara Rao, who suggested he undertake the Vision Technician's course and make a new life. Overcoming financial constraints, Mahesh pursued the one-year course in LVPEI's Bausch and Lomb School of Optometry (BLSO) during 2010-11. He was then deputed as a Vision Technician in Singarayakonda Vision Centre in Kandukur in Prakasam District. He excelled in the 1 years that he worked there, examining patients and educating them about eye care, prescribing spectacles, referring them for cataract surgery if required, and completing all orders for spectacles in time.

Mahesh's proactive working style earned him a promotion in April 2014 as Vision Centre Coordinator at Sudhakar and Sreekanth Ravi Eye Centre in Markapuram, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, where he supervises Vision Technicians in 7 Vision Centres located in that administrative cluster. His manager Dr Amol Sonawane reports that there has been a 340% increase in community vision screening this year compared to September 2013, thanks to Mahesh's deputation there. Owing to his stellar performance, he has been showcased as an employee extraordinaire by Chairman Dr G N Rao, and Mahesh eagerly waits to share with his father the frame of his photograph with Dr Rao, as soon as he gets back home in Kachapur village in Nizamabad district.
Dr Subhadra Jalali
Dear Dr Subhadra Jalali,
One year back I had just left LVPEI after an amazing ROP fellowship and a great time in your superb country. The major difference in these 12 months is my profession now. I am currently placed in the regional ROP center and work on ROP in OPD and NICU in my city in Italy.

This adventure started with a scholarship in July. The beginning was not at all easy. I guess you may remember the feeling of starting a new path alone, deciding when laser was needed and when waiting was better, dealing with parents and trying to give hope in all possible situations, fighting against time with never ending energy. I will never forget your peaceful talks to parents, and even if I could not understand the words, your sweetness and hope were a lesson for me. Once, on a PowerPoint, You showed me a sentence in Sanskrit “Teacher is God; Guest is God”. I remember it often and am thankful to you for being my teacher.

Roberta Carelli
31st December 2014
Qasim Sep 20, 2014
I hope you are in the best of health and everything is going fine at LVPEI. I wish I could work there at LVPEI to serve more people in a busy environment. But the lack of eye care back home compelled me to return and serve the poor and needy. My stay at LVPEI has given me the strength to lead and serve a key role. All the very best to LVPEI and for optometry across the world.

(Qasim Jalali has recently graduated as an Optometry fellow. He was recommended for fellowship at LVPEI by the Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology (PICO). This email was written to Dr Shrikant Bharadwaj, Head of Optometry, after Qasim's return to his hometown in Pakistan.)
Krishna Prasad V S Junior Research Fellow, Center for Product Design and Manufacturing
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Aug 30, 2014
Dear Dr Sangwan and Dr Vipin,

I receive a monthly research stipend of 18,000 INR. I would like to contribute a part of this towards the visually challenged. It is something that I have always wanted to do. I was a bit hesitant to write this mail as the amount that I can contribute is small at this stage (1000 INR every month)! There might be a period of inactiveness in my contribution for a two year period as I pursue my higher education. But I will resume doing so and even increase my contribution as my earnings increase over the years. Poor vision is something which I am also affected with. By God’s grace, my family has been financially supportive enough to take care of my brother’s and my eye treatment and I want to support those who lack similar financial backing. I have already discussed this with my parents and they have encouraged me to go forward.
Dr Vishram Sangit, MS, FICO Cornea fellow- L V Prasad Eye Institute
Consultant- Cornea, Uvea and Ocular Immunology,
Medical Director- Laxmi Eye Bank,
Laxmi Eye Institute, Panvel.(Maharashtra)
July 10, 2014
Dear Dr. Rao,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the completion of 75 corneal transplant procedures in the last 11 months of my practice at the Laxmi Eye Institute, Panvel, Maharashtra. LVPEI has a mammoth share in this milestone and I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge you all for that. Most importantly, it's rather satisfying that the head, hands and the heart have all been present and working.

Thanks a ton for everything!
Adedayo Adio Consultant Pediatric Ophthalmic Surgeon
University of Port Harcourt teaching hospital
Rivers state, Nigeria
July 05, 2014
Dear Dr Subhadra Jalali,

This is to tell you that I've settled back in Nigeria and happy for the ROP knowledge you taught me. Though there is not much of this in my country, I am already reaching advanced stage of planning with neonatologists in my hospital on screening strategies and follow up .I am glad you taught me and enjoyed the way you pass on knowledge. I wish you all the best and good health to continue to teach others so well.

(Trained as Long-term fellow, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus and Neuro-ophthalmology, 2013)
Dinesh Visva Gunasekeran June 28, 2013
"Looking for an observership that would leverage my interest in Community Health and Ophthalmology, I was fortunately guided to LVPEI. At LVPEI, apart from having the choice of working on the subspeciality of my choice, I was also exposed to allied healthcare such as Visual rehabilitation in both adults and children. Furthermore, I was exposed to the multiple facets of the pyramid system of healthcare delivery through the ICARE program which broadened my appreciation of the scope of medical humanitarian efforts. All my mentors and the staff were easily approachable, and were keen to share their interests and knowledge. I also could meet many international students specializing in Optometry and Biostatistics. All in all, I had a truly inspiring experience at LVPEI. I would strongly recommend an internship at LVPEI for all those interested in Ophthalmology or those interested in providing medical care to the less fortunate".

Dinesh Visva Gunasekeran, a medical student from the National University of Singapore (NUS) on an observership with LVPEI.
Joe Marcino MBA Candidate - Class of 2014
Johns Hopkins University
Carey Business School
Innovation for Humanity project with LV Prasad Eye Institute
March 30, 2013
I am so proud to have been a part of this project and to have had a great team behind me at each step of the way. One of my biggest takeaways from the project was the corporate culture in India, specifically at LVPEI. I cannot stress enough how nice it was to work with such humble and caring individuals at an organization that serves as a model for all others. In meetings, my team and project sponsors were able to actively listen to each other’s questions and suggestions and really gather consensus in a way that is rarely found in the U.S. I believe this was one of the key drivers to our successful interaction with our sponsor, which resulted in quality discussion. I will forever cherish my time at LVPEI and will certainly remain in touch with many individuals within the organization.

Students from the Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School, with Mr Chaitanya (Head of Administration, Education Centre)
Thank you - January 2, 2013
Respected madam (Dr Subhadra Jalali)
My learning with you was unique in the last three months. Apart from learning (about) retina, I had the opportunity to understand you as a different person. Your dedication, simplicity, affection, teaching skills, egoless behaviour, intelligence and above all humbleness has touched me immensely and hopefully I would contribute 1 % of what u have done to mankind by at least incorporating some of your qualities. This posting has provided me a new outlook into retinal disorders. We always tried to challenge your energy levels in OR and OPD but we failed each time. We always wondered from where you could get this energy. You shall always remain as an inspiration for us fellows throughout our life. Enjoyed every day of your posting...Thank you for giving me opportunity to work with you.

Sripathi Kamath
A vote of thanks
It has been a privilege to be a fellow in this world-renowned eye hospital and I am really thankful to all the staff. The contribution you are making in the fight against blindness is incredible and it is a pleasure to see you serving so many blind people. The knowledge I have gained here will help me to serve the needy people in my country, Nepal. I think this is the best place to learn ophthalmology as the hospital has the latest technologies.

Dr Eliya Shrestha
(Short-term fellow in ophthalmic plastic surgery, orbit and ocular oncology)
Himalaya Eye Hospital
Pokhara, Nepal

August 3, 2009
Dr Mohd Javed Ali, long-term fellow in ophthalmic plastic surgery at LVPEI, Hyderabad, has been awarded a scholarship for ICOO 2009 in Cambridge. This is the first time such a grant has been offered at an ISOO meeting.
August 4, 2009
At the moment, I am in New Zealand doing an oculoplastics fellowship at University of Auckland … This is a wonderful fellowship program and I am trying to make best of it. Just wanted to mention how much I am thankful to LVPEI for my training, the way it is recognized everywhere, in all the parts of the world. Just yesterday, my Prof complimented me saying LVPEI training is considered at par with any international training. Needless to say, I had a great experience working with ORBIS for a year and nine months.
Ekta Aggarwal
Oculoplastics Fellow
University of Auckland
New Zealand