Funded by Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust and coordinated by International Center for Eye Health with a vision to strengthen the retinoblastoma services in East Africa and Indonesia, LVPEI hosted the Retinoblastoma Network (RB - NET) workshop from 10-12 June 2017. The core focus was to improve the survival rate of children with retinoblastoma, improve the rates of survival with vision and to improve overall quality of life. The workshop was attended by 70 participants from across Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, UK, and India. The participants included Ministry of Health representatives from East African countries, ophthalmologists, oncologists, pathologists, and health care workers. The East African countries and Indonesia will be mentored over the next 2 years by  teams from India and UK to improve retinoblastoma care in the respective countries; LVPEI will mentor the team at Kenya. The workshop ended on a positive note with an appropriate national retinoblastoma action plan for each country.