AIOC, Kochi
LVPEI won 7 of the 20 possible awards for free paper sessions and posters at the 70th annual meeting of the All India Ophthalmological Conference. Vivek Dave won Best Poster award. The six best papers were presented by Maneck Nicholson, Varsha Rathi, Sumit Monga, Javed Ali, Ajit Babu Majji and Niranjan Pehere.

WOC, Abu Dhabi
A team with two former LVPEI fellows and a resident (Tarjani Dave, Vivek Dave and Neha Bharti) were runners-up at the first ICO World Ophthalmology Quiz at the World Ophthalmology Congress, Abu Dhabi.

FUSION 2012, Hyderabad


Free papers: Tarjani Dave, Savari Desai, Raju Kumar, Fairooz PM, Kruti Mody

Case presentations: Savari Desai, Jayshree V, Anirban Bhaduri, Kishore Satpute, Vikas Menon

Video films: Kruti Mody, Puja Goyal, Samir Mohapatra, Tarjani Dave

Quiz winners: Deepti Chouhan, Pummy Roy, Moupia Mukhopadhyay

Quiz runners-up 1: Fairooz PM, Kruti Mody, Aditi Pujari

Quiz runners-up 2: Avinash Ingole, Manvi Sobti, Himika Gupta

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Free papers: Sanil Shah, Akila Ramkumar, Amit Gupta, Muralidhara Ramappa, Bhamy Hariprasad Shenoy, Niranjan Pehere

Case presentations: Akila Ramkumar, Biswajit Dey, Virender Sachdeva, Sowmya R, Geethanjali CJ

Video films: Anil K Mandal, Sirisha Senthil, Muralidhara Ramappa, Jyoti Matalia

Quiz winners: Sumit Monga, Bhamy Hariprasad Shenoy, Shailja Tibrewal

Quiz runners-up 1: Chinmayee T, Ambika Shetty, Soumya Basanth

Quiz runners-up 2: Subashini V, Renu Athanikar, Gangaprasad Amula

First Anniversary of Paloncha Secondary Centre

Nava Bharat Eye Centre (NBEC), Paloncha, our 9th secondary care centre, celebrated its first anniversary on February 19, 2012. The centre was set up with support from Nava Bharat Ventures Limited (NBV). Present at the celebrations were Mr Ali, Chief Adviser, Social Welfare Division, and Mr K N V N Prasad, Deputy General Manager, Materials Management from NBV, as well as the NBEC staff and
their families. In its
first year, a total
of 20,502 outpatients
were seen, of which
43% were non-paying.
Of the 1887 surgeries,
72% were performed
entirely free.

Champalimaud Research Symposium 2012

The 5th Champalimaud Research Symposium was held under the aegis of LVPEI's Champalimaud Translational Centre for Eye Research (C-TRACER 1) on January 30, 2012. Prof D Balasubramanian, Director of Research, gave an introduction, followed by an overview of the Institute's activities by Chairman Dr Gullapalli N Rao. There was an interesting composition of talks, ranging from intricacies in eye biology, infection, vaccines and biomarkers to the applications of stem cells. The faculty comprised Professors Jacob Pe'er (Haddasa University, Israel), Brigitte Roeder (Hamburg University, Germany), Clifton Schor (University of California, Berkley, USA) and Jim Funderberg (University of Pittsburgh, USA). The national faculty included Professors Alok Srivastava (CMC, Vellore), Dipankar Chatterji (IISc, Bangalore), Partha Majumder (NIBMG, Kalyani) and Subha Tole (TIFR, Mumbai). Updates on the research activities of C-TRACER 2 were provided by Professors Jose Cunha-Vaz and Joaquim Murta and by Prof Rubens Belfort Jr for C-TRACER 3. Drs Subhadra Jalali, Rohit Khanna, Indumathi Mariappan and Sayan Basu presented an update on C-TRACER 1 at Hyderabad.

Prof Brigitte Roeder

Prof Jacob Pe'er

Faculty and guests at the Champalimaud Symposium


Inauguration of Residence Hall

The Residence Hall – 'Inspiration' of the Pathak Centre for Eye Care Education (PACE) at the Bhubaneswar campus was inaugurated by Smt Kokil and Shri Krishna Pathak on February 24, 2012. Mrs & Mr Pathak, who were here for the occasion, had a tour of the institute and planted a tree.

From left: Dr Gullapalli N Rao with Mr Krishna Pathak,
Dr Taraprasad Das, Mrs Kokil Pathak and Dr Savitri Sharma

Bijayananda Patnaik Memorial Lecture

LVPEI Bhubaneswar organized the Second Bijayananda Patnaik Memorial Lecture on January 26, 2012. Shri Subroto Bagchi, Vice-Chairman and Gardener, MindTree delivered the

Memorial Lecture and interacted with the staff of the entire LVPEI network by videoconference. A cultural program was also organized on the occasion.

Sri Subroto Bagchi (right) plants a tree at the Bhubaneswar campus

Excellence • Equity • Efficiency




KVC Campus, Vijayawada Celebrates
First Anniversary

The Kode Venkatadri Chowdary (KVC) campus, Tadigadapa, Vijayawada, celebrated its first anniversary on February 16, 2012. The centre was established with the support of Sri Kode Satyanarayana, Chair, Spectra group of industries, in memory of his late father Sri K Venkatadri Chowdary. Present on the occasion were the family members of Sri K Satyanarayana, LVPEI Chairman Dr Gullapalli N Rao, representatives from Spectra Foods, LVPEI staff and local supporters. They included Dr Chadalawada Nageshwar Rao and

Sri Kode Satyanarayana presents the Employee
of the Year Award to K Tulasi Ram of the
Biomedical Department

Dr Sudha, Director General, Dr Pinnamaneni Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Katragadda Bhagat Singh & Dr Manorama, industrialist and philanthropist, Mr Narla Vinay Kumar & Smt Ratna, and Dr Hema Parimi. During the year, the campus saw 32,062 outpatients (32% non-paying patients) and performed 1458 surgeries, of which 51% were performed entirely free of cost.

CME on Pediatric Ophthalmology

The KVC campus conducted a CME on 'Pediatric Ophthalmology for Pediatricians' on January 29, 2012, to mark the first anniversary of The David Brown Children's Eye Care Centre. The CME aimed at sensitizing pediatricians to the crucial role they can play in the early identification of vision problems among children. The delegates included Dr Mallikarjuna Rao, President and Dr Madhavi Majeti, Secretary of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Krishna district, Mr Kode Suresh, GM, Spectra Food Industries, and pediatricians from the city and surrounding areas. An essay competition was organised for pediatric postgraduate fellows on "Top 10 ophthalmic diagnosis that a pediatrician should not miss" and prizes given for the best entries. Mr Kode Suresh released the Annual Activity Report of The David Brown Children's Eye Care Centre.

"My experience in Hyderabad"

In February 2010, my doctor told me that the problems in my right eye were not due to the rejection of a corneal transplant performed in 1985, as previously thought. In fact the lifespan of the cornea had come to an end. Very soon after, I could not see with that eye. When I discussed with my doctor about the possibility of a transplant, she said there was a very long waiting list.

I phoned my niece in London and both she and her husband (they are from Mumbai) suggested I go to India for the operation. I contacted my doctor in Zimbabwe and he said a patient of his had just returned from Hyderabad with wonderful results after a corneal transplant. He very generously gave me all the details that I needed to make my arrangements. I followed his information and suggestions implicitly. There was never any doubt or fear or apprehension. He told me of the wonderful people who made up the hospital and how they took care of him. And he was so happy with the successful operation.

(At LVPEI) I was received with courtesy and every person who took me from one doctor to the next was so friendly and polite. One lady doctor who checked my blood pressure was so concerned when she found it to be high. My big day was Tuesday, 26th October 2010. I was prepared in the outer room. I was given an anaesthetic injection in the eye. This was the only painful bit. I was walked to the theatre, put on the bed, just barely felt the surgeon's hands and before I knew it, I was back in the outer room. All this in 30 minutes!.

Everybody, from the Administrator Mr Sam, to the doctor, Dr Somasheila Murthy and her team and even the clerks and assistants, were just wonderful. I have no other word to describe them! And of course, the food in the canteen! We just loved it. Everything was so affordable and although there were so many patients, everyone was treated with respect. On my return to South Africa, my doctor was amazed with the successful operation. She found your annual report very informative and impressive. By God's grace, I am enjoying good sight and I am improving all the time. I wish I could take every person who needs sight to Hyderabad. I would take them all to Dr Somasheila Murthy. Thank you Dr Murthy and may the Lord bless you and all the wonderful people who make up your Institute!

Aziza Umar
Cape Town, Republic of South Africa

SOLO Eyewear supports LVPEI

Jenny Amaraneni and Craig Stern have pledged a percentage of their profits to the LVPEI cause. Jenny and Craig are co-founders of SOLO Eyewear, a US based firm, manufacturing fun and eco-friendly dark glasses. Each pair purchased helps restore someone's vision through a pair of prescription eye glasses or a cataract surgery. Jenny's father, Dr Kishore Amaraneni, is supporting the provision of low vision devices free to the economically underprivileged clients of our Meera and LB Deshpande Centre for Sight Enhancement. Read more about them at:


Dr Kishore Amaraneni, Craig and Jenny with Dr Gullapalli N Rao

Our support in February


Dr Vikas Mittal


Mr Anil Sarma


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Dr Savitri Sharma

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Mr Banbrata DC


Mr Aditya Agarwal

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Ms Harshita

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Dr Usha Kumar (Savitri &

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Ms P Vijaya Lakshmi

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Mrs Jaya & Mr Prasad Rao

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