Glaucoma Symposium

The "Glaucoma Symposium: Optic Nerve, IOP & Beyond" was organized at LVPEI, Bhubaneswar campus, from July 21-22, 2012. The meeting targeted postgraduate ophthalmologists and delegates who were keen to acquire a basic knowledge of the topics as part of their practice. The program comprised lectures, glaucoma-based science, clinical challenges, a mix of old, current and evolving trends in glaucoma diagnosis and management, and hands-on training by masters in the field. Faculty from across all campuses participated in the symposium, which was attended by 35 delegates.

Prof Ramanjt Sihota from Dr RP Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi, delivered the C Syamala Bhaskaran Lecture on "Long Term Prognosis of Glaucoma in India" and planted a sapling. She also delivered the guest faculty lecture on July 24th, speaking on the role of imaging in glaucoma.

Indian Contact Lens Education

The 48th Indian Contact Lens Education Program, conducted from June 30 – July 2, 2012, aimed at training students and practitioners on the basics of contact lens practice and management. A team of contact lens faculty from the Kallam Anji Reddy campus of LVPEI, Hyderabad, and the Bausch and Lomb School of Optometry conducted the lectures and workshops. Guest faculty Mr Jerome Ozkan from Australia presented several talks. The program was attended by 69 delegates from all over India.

Vizag campus celebrates 6th anniversary

The GMR Varalakshmi campus celebrated its 6th anniversary on July 7, 2012. Taking a break from the routine, the staff watched a movie in the auditorium.

The evening program began with a welcome address by Dr PVKS Varma and a talk by Dr Merle Fernandes on the institute's 6-year journey. Dr Avinash Pathengay introduced chief guest and major donor Mr O Naresh Kumar, Head, Symbiosis Technologies. Many other long-term donors also attended the program.

Mr Naresh Kumar presented certificates to the Best Employee of the Year, Mr G Balakrishna Murthy, Biochemistry Department, the staff who had completed 5 years of service and JAWS certificates to rehab patients. Prizes were distributed to the winners and runners-up of the sports and games competitions held earlier. Dr I S Murthy gave the vote of thanks. This was followed by a cultural program and a dinner on the lawns for the staff and their family members. Children from Sunflower Silver Jubilee Convent School and the Government Residential School for Visually Challenged Girls gave wonderful dance performances.
Free screening for RTA drivers

On July 14, 2012, the campus conducted free screening programs for transport drivers (of autos, buses, lorries, schools and colleges), in association with the Road & Transport Authority (RTA) office and the Police Department. The program aimed at identifying eye problems among drivers and suggesting appropriate interventions to reduce accidents and injuries.
Chief guest City Police Commissioner Mr Poorna Chandra Rao delivered a speech on road accidents, safety precautions & eye care. A total of 310 drivers were screened.
Nani visits the campus

Telugu film actor Nani (of 'Eega' fame) visited the GMR Varalakshmi campus on July 16, along with Mr O Naresh Kumar. Nani spoke about diabetes, pointing out that in films the fights are between heroes and villains. But in real life often the villain is our poor health; hence, we need to be alert and take care of it. A press meet was also held. Nani visited the campus gardens before he left..

Photo Voice pilot launched

Photo Voice (PV) is a tool used to encourage participative action to address social and environmental issues for community development. Participants use photographs taken in real situations to highlight problems or desirable changes within the community to build a story for initiating social action at the grassroots level. Photo Voice has been used to better understand public health issues, formulate people empowerment strategies and for behavioral modifications.

The Photo Voice pilot project was launched in Thoodukurthy Village Vision Complex by ICARE on July 10, 2012, with Vision Health Guardians, Vision Technicians, a Community Eye Care Program Supervisor, a Secondary Centre Administrator and 3 staff members from ICARE. The group participated in sessions like 'Ice-breaker', 'Ground rules', 'Story writing', 'Storytelling with
the help of photographs' and 'On taking photographs'. Regular sessions began from July 23, 2012; the team will meet twice a month to share experiences regarding community mobilization, till the project goal is accomplished.

Dr Nance Wilson from the University of Berkeley had trained the ICARE team in March 2012.
5th anniversary of Nellore satellite centre

The Swarna Bharat Eye Centre at Nellore, LVPEI's satellite centre, was established on July 1, 2007, with support from the Swarna Bharat Trust. The centre celebrated its 5th anniversary on July 2, 2012. Mr Padmaiah, Trust Manager, and other members,participated in the program.
In five years, the centre has seen more than 20,000 outpatients — 75% of them non-paying. Of the 2300 surgeries performed, 85% were done free of cost. Additionally, 115,000 people were screened in community eye care programs during the year 2011-12.
Cataract surgery restored her livelihood
Kojolla Shivakka, 68, lives in Bhainsa in Adilabad district. A widow, she lives with her sister and grandson. Shivakka used to sell vegetables to support her family but had to give it up because of her poor vision. Despite being aware of the LVPEI Vision Centre in Bhainsa, she did not go for an eye examination, assuming that her vision problem was due to her age and probably not curable. upon.

Krishna Leela, a Vision Health Guardian trained by ICARE – LVPEI, met Shivakka during a routine screening program and found cataract in both her eyes. Leela counseled Shivakka and accompanied her to the secondary centre in Mudhole, Adilabad, for treatment. Shivakka had a cataract surgery in one eye, but failed to come for the operation of the second eye, as there was no one to accompany her. Field supervisor Sayanna followed up and ensured that she came again to get the second eye operated

Today, Shivakka is back to her vegetable business and is able to support herself and her family. With a big smile, she says she is indebted to LVPEI for all the help and support she has received. She is also grateful to Leela and Sayanna for their personal attention.

Experiences with rehab centre

The LVPEI Rehab has been very useful to me. The IT sessions over the past 3 months have been informative. Earlier I could use only 'MS Word' but now I can use e-mail too. Both the instructors helped us to understand things easily and helped us to learn new technology. The English class improved our communication skills. These sessions also gave me new friends. I would have liked to continue but cannot because of my PG classes. Thank you! Hope you will start other such useful courses in future.

Molugu Pavitra
July 9, 2012
I have completed my basic course in computer training at LVP rehab centre. The centre occupies a special place in my life. The IT services provided here help make the visually challenged students experts in IT, which is essential for them to excel in the corporate sector. This noble service extended by LVPEI is highly appreciable. I am thankful for the opportunity given to me. The faculty works relentlessly to make students perfect in computers. Sai sir and Siva sir are doing a remarkable job in imparting computer knowledge to new entrants to the subject. They assess the competency of the student and teach accordingly. Now, I am confident of learning the C language as well.

The English classes were of great help in improving my grammar and communication skills. People come from different parts of India to do this course, but we jelled together as one unit. Sai sir always kept the competitive spirit up between us. I made many new friends and had a memorable time. With the support of the LVPEI rehab center, we can not only stand up to the competition but also succeed in every field.

Padmini Palaparthy
July 3, 2012

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