Programs in Community Eye Health

In the pursuit of excellent and equitable eye care delivery, LVPEI realized early on that building human resources is vital for increasing the reach of eye care services. To achieve this, GPR ICARE has been offering training programs in the areas of community eye health and eye health management for the last 12 years. Recently, on October 17, 2011, the education component of GPR ICARE was renamed the "Ramachandra Pararajasegaram Community Eye Health Education Centre" in honor of Dr R Pararajasegaram, former WHO Regional Advisor and Consultant, and former President, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

Community eye health extends the traditional individual patient-based clinical practice of ophthalmology to the assessment and facilitation of good eye health in the population as a whole. The principle of community eye health is to apply the knowledge of eye care to the community to reduce blindness and visual impairment. This specialized area of study aims to help professionals and programs focus on delivering quality eye care to benefit the community as a whole. The centre offers Diploma and Masters Program in Community eye Health.

Certificate course in Community Eye Health

This one month course aims to provide an overview on key concepts in community eye health in a nutshell. Specifically designed for mid-level and higher level managers and optometrists who want to get into Community Eye Health, this course covers topics such as Community Needs Assessment, Basic Concepts in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, planning and management of eye care programs among other topics. This course is a shorter version of Diploma in Community Eye Health (DCEH) program.

Diploma in Community Eye Health

This 6 months course aims to impart knowledge and skills required to prevent and treat visual impairment and rehabilitate the blind and the visually impaired to improve the quality of lives of those suffering from eye ailments and also benefit the society. The skills learnt from this program can be applied to other health care and development programs. The program meets the broad objectives of the global 'VISION 2020: The Right to Sight' program.

Master's in Community Eye Health Online Program

Masters in Community Eye Health is a unique, flexible fully online program that is offered in collaboration with University of New South Wales, Australia. The program has been developed to facilitate career advancement opportunities for various professionals working in the field of health, particularly in eye care. The courses offered in this program provide enough opportunities to expose the candidate to a very challenging learning environment through video and audio lectures, online discussions, quizzes and several group activities using the technology available. The program consists of six courses and a research project.

Interested participants can enroll for individual courses and the Masters’ degree is awarded to the participants who complete six courses along with the research project.

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Programs in Eye Health Management

Successful implementation of eye care programs depends on the availability of trained managers, who are well versed with the principles of comprehensive eye health management both at the hospital as well as the practical aspects of conducting eye care programs. The centre offers long term and short term programs in the area of eye health management.

Diploma in Eye Health management

This one year course aimed to impart training in comprehensive eye health management at an eye hospital or eye care center and enable successful participants to efficiently and effectively manage the resources and deliver comprehensive eye care.

Other Certificate courses

Customized training programs are also offered according to the individual needs in the area of eye health.

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