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Goodwill visit by Dr Kalam
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India, visited LVPEI Bhubaneswar on January 4, 2012 and interacted with the staff and faculty. Dr Taraprasad Das, Director, briefed him about the progress of the institute. Dr Kalam asked what were the 10 most challenging and intriguing cases managed by the institute. The faculty illustrated such cases and Dr Kalam was pleased to learn of the Institute's excellence and commitment in eye care. He asked everyone to forge ahead with research work so that LVPEI Bhubaneswar would stand out as a unique institute in Eastern India.

Dr Kalam with Dr Taraprasad Das, faculty and staff of the
Bhubaneswar campus

Foundation Day celebrations
The Bhubaneswar campus celebrated its 7th Foundation Day on January 16, 2012. An elocution competition on "Why I like LVPEI" was conducted for the employees. In the evening, all the staff participated in a cultural program and prizes were distributed to the winners of various sports activities.

International award for
eyeSmart EMR

LVPEI's Electronic Medical Records system "eyeSmart EMR - Intelligent IT Solution for Eyecare" won third prize at the IT @ Networking Awards 2012 on January 21, 2012. The competition is organised by the European Association of Healthcare IT Managers and the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) to recognise innovators in healthcare IT and medical technology who have designed and implemented new solutions. The awards were presented in Clinique St Jean, Brussels, Belgium.

New Vision Centres for Vizag

Three new Vision Centres (VCs) were inaugurated on December 29, 2011, taking the total number of LVPEI"s primary care centres to 86. The VCs are linked to the GMR Varalakshmi Campus at Visakhapatnam and are the first of the 30 proposed VCs to be launched during 2013-2014, with the support of the Lavelle Fund for the Blind, Inc., USA.

Dr D G K Raju inaugurates the Kothavalasa VC

Mr Naresh inaugurates the K Kotapadu VC

Mr Ramana Rao inaugurates the Kasimkota VC

The Kothavalasa VC is supported by Sri T A N Gupta and Sri T V Ramanaiah. It was inaugurated by Dr D G K Raju, retired Medical Officer; in the presence of Dr Gargi Devi, Ophthalmic Surgeon and Medical Officer of Viyyampeta PHC, Special Officer Sri Rajanna, and elders in the community.

The major donors for K Kotapadu VC are Sanghamithra Rural Development Society, represented by Dr Ramachandra Rao, ENT civil surgeon, Sri Mangapathi Rao and their team. It was inaugurated by Sri O Naresh, CEO, Symbiosis Technologies and one of Vizag campus' first donors. He assured all help in raising funds for the glucometers, electronic BP apparatus and weighing machines required for the VC.

Support for Kasimkota VC came from Visakha Dairy, represented by its Director Sri Ramana Rao, with additional support from former Sarpanch Sri Malla Bulli Babu, Sri Pala Ramana, Sri Musali Naidu and community members. The VC building houses several welfare centres, including those for pregnant women, adult education, and training in tailoring and fashion technology.

Rehab client writes a novel

Inspired by author J K Rowling's Harry Potter series, a visually challenged 18-year-old from a farmer's family in Gokavaram of East Godavari district, spent seven years of his life writing Pharaoh and the King, a story based on Indian and Egyptian mythology. Viswanath Venkat Dasari, a second-year student of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Nuziveedu, suffers from nystagmus and photophobia — his eyes cannot focus clearly on any object for more than a second. He took the help of his English teacher, K V Buchibapanna, and others, for proof-reading and corrections. He initially wrote by hand, and later, started using MAGic, a screen-magnification software, given to him by L V Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad. The book was published by AuthorHouse, UK and has been released in the US and UK.

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Eye banking initiatives

On the occasion of their 20th anniversary, ViVimed Labs Limited, Hyderabad sought the technical support of Ramayamma International Eye Bank (RIEB) to conduct an eye donation awareness campaign in Adilabad district on December 27, 2011 – the first of its kind in a semi-urban set-up. Posters and banners on eye donation were displayed at prominent places in the city, inviting people to participate. The campaign started with a rally, with schoolchildren, nursing staff from Primary Health Centres (PHC) and doctors from the local IMA, as well as members of the public participating. A meeting was organized to create awareness about eye donation, the role of eye banks and how eye donation can help restore vision to the corneally blind. District Collector Dr Ashok Kumar presided and urged the public to pledge their eyes and work for the cause of eye donation. More than 200 people attended the program.

LVPEI conducted an eye pledge program for Arena Animation earlier this month. Banners and posters were displayed prominently at the venue. A presentation by LVPEI highlighted the importance of eye donation, roadblocks faced by institutions in securing corneas to help the needlessly blind and myths about eye donation. Over 100 people attended the program and 31 pledged their eyes, while many promised to register later. The program helped create awareness about eye donation and the need for everyone to help bridge the gap between the demand and supply of corneas.

Clockwise, from bottom left: Chiara helps a patient make a handprint, nurses show their coloured hands, a young patient and a rehab faculty member helps a visually impaired girl to make a print

More than a hundred people — staff and curious patients — participated in an art initiative, GIVE ME A HAND on January 18. Pots of paints and newspapers in Hindi, Telugu, Urdu and English were spread out on long tables in the gardens of LVPEI and everyone was invited to make handprints. Children and adult patients, clients attending rehabilitation sessions, nurses, staff from the cafeteria, medical records, maintenance and audiovisual departments, fellows, optometrists, consultants, technicians and counselors enjoyed participating in the art project. The event was led by Dr Chiara Morini, who has come to LVPEI for pediatric training from Piacenza, Italy. The newspapers with "hands of LVPEI" will be taken to Italy by Chiara, where her grandfather Carlo Riccardi, a well-known artist from Rome will paint on them and organise exhibitions to raise funds for LVPEI.

Chiara says, "Art is an important way of expression and can be an important experience for blind people." Giving her a hand were 3 international volunteers at LVPEI, who plan to organize exhibitions in their countries for the benefit of LVPEI: Alexandra from Calgary (Canada), Louise from Edinburgh (Scotland), and Emma from Birmingham (UK).

Rolling with the punches

Jai Singh, 26, has had a passion for boxing for half of his life. His sights were set on competing in the 2012 London Olympics, when he suddenly found his vision becoming blurred! It was December 27, 2011 when Havaldar Jai Singh Patil, one of India's leading boxers (75 kg category) found he couldn't see very well from his left eye. He has represented India 10 times and had won the Silver medal at the Senior National Championship in Chennai recently. Now his career was at stake.

Acting quickly, the Army Sports Institute at Ghorpuri, Pune, where he has been since 2005, referred him to the Command Hospital in Pune. Realizing he needed specialized care, Major Pradip Kumar referred him to Col Sonia Puri at the Military Hospital in Secunderabad as an emergency case.

Jai Singh arrived at L V Prasad Eye Institute on December 31, 2011. Senior retinal specialist Dr Raja Narayanan diagnosed him with retinal detachment, probably caused a few days earlier by a glancing blow to his eye. He was immediately scheduled for surgery and operated upon.

A week later Jai Singh looked cheerful! His vision had already improved and was likely to improve further. He hopes to resume training for the selection camp for the 2012 Olympic Games. He is immensely grateful to the army for their support and encouragement – good training, good coaches, good food and facilities, he adds. He is also appreciative of LVPEI, saying that everyone has been exceptionally helpful to him. We wish him good luck and a successful career!

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