Honors & Awards

LVPEI faculty, fellows and alumni bagged 4 best paper awards, of the total 8 presented at the Delhi Ophthalmological Society annual conference at Delhi, held April 6-7, 2012.

Mukesh Taneja Best Free Paper, Cornea (session 3), Intra-op pachymetry variation in collagen cross linking (CXL) with isotonic and hypotonic Riboflavin using different protocols

Shivani Pahuja Dr T P Agarwal Trophy for Best Free Paper, Cornea (session 2), Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty in cases of congenital corneal keloid

Neha Bharati Best Free Paper, session 7, Diagnostic capability of spectral domain optical coherence tomograph in early glaucoma

Mukesh Taneja Best Free Paper, Cataract (session 8), Quest for an accommodating gel IOL with ex vivo accommodation simulator (EVAS) and phaco ersatz

1st VVC to become paperless

LVPEI's secondary care Nava Bharat Eye Centre at Paloncha achieved the distinction of becoming our first paperless Village Vision Complex (VVC), with the installation of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system at all its 9 Vision Centres. Now all patient records at the Vision Centres are available online at the Nava Bharat Eye Centre.

89th Vision Centre inaugurated

LVPEI's 89th Vision Centre was inaugurated on April 23, 2012, at Vutukuru village, near Sattenpally in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. Located 88 kms from LVP's secondary care Service Centre at Gudavalli, the village has a population of around 9000, and about 60,000 people within a 15 km radius who would access the services of the Vision Centre (VC).

Colonel Inta Satyanarayana Reddy and his family, who belong to the village, constructed a beautiful building for the VC and donated it to LVPEI. The centre is supported by the Latterday Saint Charities. Now 13 of the proposed 30 VCs have been set up, with support from the Latter-day Saint Charities (LDSC).

Mr Kallam Haranath Reddy cuts the ribbon; also seen Dr Neldon and Mrs Priscilla Hatch, Mr Bhavani Prasad, Vision Technician, Vutukuru, and Dr Gullapalli N Rao, Chairman, LVPEI

Dr S Rajagopala Reddy, Secretary, AP Productivity Council, Hyderabad, presided over the meeting and delivered the inaugural address to a large gathering of about 300 persons.

Dr Gullapalli N Rao spoke of the service delivery model of LVPEI and the rationale behind the primary care Vision Centres. Mr KC Reddy, retired DGP, Mr Kallam Haranath Reddy, Chairman, Kallam group of industries, Mr Suri Babu, advocate, Dr Neldon and Mrs Priscilla Hatch, representatives of LDSC and Colonel Satyanarayana Reddy also spoke on the occasion.

27th Low Vision Awareness Program

Participants of the Low Vision Awareness Program

Since its commencement over a decade ago, the bi-annual Low Vision Awareness Program (LAP) has been immensely popular among all cadres of eye care professionals. This year, LAP was held on April 7, 2012, and had 100 participants, most of them final-year optometry students. India Vision Institute (IVI) played a pivotal role by reaching out to a large number of potential participants and supporting the

program, which comprised didactic lectures on low vision rehabilitation and a hands-on workshop, with demonstrations of conventional and hi-tech low vision devices. Many of them had never seen such an armamentarium of devices and felt enriched by the program. Some of them bought low vision assessment kits, so they could offer low vision services in their practice.

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News From Bhubaneswar

Guest Lecture

Prof Jost B Jonas, Professor of Ophthalmology and Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Clinical Medicine Mannheim, Ruprecht-Karls- University, Heidelberg, Germany, gave a lecture on "Gamma and delta zone of para papillary atrophy and the relationship with the orbital cerebrospinal fluid space" on April 23, 2012. It was attended by all faculty, fellows and optometrists. He also interacted with the fellows and shared his expertise.

Our support in April


Dr Paras Mehta


Dr A S Dhanraj Rao


Mr G Hari Krishna


Mr Sanjay Kumar Barik

Dr Debendranath Das

Mr T Suresh Kumar

Mr Anil Mishra

Mr K C Mohanty

Mr Jitendra Moharana

Mr Dibakar Naik

Dr Jesurobo I Osamwonyi

Ms Kirteemayee Roul

Mr Swachha Sisira Samantaray


Dr Swapnali Subhapandit


Dr Ashish Lal


Mr Lalit Kumar Jain

Dr Subhadra Kaul

Ms Geetha Pisupati

Mr Apoorva Surkunle

Ms Geetha Thalikar

Mr Chandra Tushaga

Mr V Vasudev

Mr SK Vishwakarma

Sree Sarees Gopi Krishna


Dr Prateep Vyas

Dr Sharadini Vyas


Dr Anshuman Sinha


Ms Sunitha Bagama


Lion ER Kolla Anand Reddy


Mr Arindam Acharya


Dr Nikhil S Gokhale

Dr Raghu Krishna

Dr Nikunj Shah

New Delhi

Dr Neera Agarwal

Microsoft Employees &

  Microsoft, USA (CAF, India)


Mr Bisram N Hinduja

Dr Sangeetha Wagh


Mr Emani Anand Swarup


Mr Amer Mohammed Atta



Shanghai Aier Eye Hospital

Silver Jubilee Lecture

The Silver Jubilee Lecture for April was delivered by Sir William "Mark" Tully, eminent journalist, writer and broadcaster, on April 21, 2012. Sir Mark spoke on "India — an Economic Superpower by 2050?" The packed auditorium was captivated and engaged in a question and answer session for almost an hour, afterwards.

Sir Mark Tully meets Dr Subhadra Jalali and, right, interacts with LVPEI fellows

Mobilising eye donations from the
community, by the community

A one-day training program was organized by LVPEI's Ramayamma International Eye Bank team for 33 community health workers of Operation Eyesight Universal and Vision Health Guardians of the City Centre. The

program focused on the facts and process of eye donation, the role of eye banks, and how to motivate families to donate eyes. It was aimed at training them to act as community based eye donation counselors to facilitate eye donations.

A silver lining: Mariamma's story

How does someone with no fingers put drops into one's eyes? This is the tragic dilemma of 70-year-old Mariamma, who lost everything when she was just a child. Married at the age of 5 to another child, Mariamma, nee Ramulamma, developed Leprosy or Hansen's disease when she was 12. Soon her family threw her out of her home. Her life has been a saga of repeated hospitalization and constant discomfort, with knees raked by dragging herself along the ground to move, climb into a bus or walk down the stairs. The disease has made stubs of her fingers and toes; a painful ulcer on her right foot makes it difficult for her to walk without her special shoe, which cost her 3 months of pension.

Mariamma is gutsy. She narrates how she boarded a train from Andhra Pradesh, travelling without money to Karigiri in Tamil Nadu, a place known for providing relief to those afflicted with leprosy. She has a ward bed in a hospital on the outskirts of Hyderabad to call her own, though most inmates there keep her at a distance. As a beneficiary of the Dhoolpet Leprosy Research Centre in Hyderabad, she receives a pension of Hyderabad to call her own, though most inmates there keep her at a distance. As a beneficiary of the Dhoolpet Leprosy Research Centre in Hyderabad, she receives a pension of Rs 500. However, recently it was held up and she had to run from pillar to post for its continution .

One bright light in Mariamma's life is the free treatment she has received over the last 20 years at L V Prasad Eye Institute. At least her eye problems have been taken care of: her eyes do not water any more and she has had a cataract surgery. She comes to visit her doctor when needed, and is given bottles of eye drops free of cost for her use. Instilling the eye drops is a problem, for she finds it hard to hold the bottle.

Mariamma begs to earn a living, going by bus with the help of a kind bus driver to the heart of the city to beg for her daily meals and tea. There are no easy answers for her. Yet she never fails to praise the Invisible Force that helps her perform her daily tasks!

– M Shobha


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