Dr Mohammed Javed Ali won the Best Video award at the 24th Annual Meeting of Oculoplastic Association of India (OPAI) at Bangalore, 6-8 September 2013. Co-authors: Dr Aditi Pujari, Dr Milind Naik.

Dr Sreedevi Yadavalli’s paper, about a street play initiative that LVPEI had undertaken at Vijayawada, was published in eDhvani, the University of Hyderabad’s Journal of Comparative Literature.

Dr Rohit Khanna is recognized as Eye Health Leader by International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) in public health ophthalmology. This year, 20 leaders were recognized, including two from India.

HANSHEP (Harnessing non-state actors for better health for the poor) Members’ Meeting, 10-12 September: Dignitaries included Andrew Makaka, Government of Rwanda; Kelechi Ohiri, Government of Nigeria; Ute Arens, KFW; Annette Bremer, GIZ; Jay Bagaria, Julia Watson, Kate Cooper, UK-AID; David Milestone, Marguerite Farrell, USAID; Khama Rogo, Dirk Sommer, IFC; Armin Fidler, Margareta Harrit, World Bank; Guy Stallworthy, Anand Sinha, Vinod Kumar, Narender Kande, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Stefan Nachuk, The Rockefeller Foundation; Raj Pannu, McCann Health; Nine Steensma, CHAI; Thomas Feeny, Sue Kucuk, HANSHEP Secretariat.

DNB Examiners from the National Board of Examinations (NBE), New Delhi, to conduct DNB examinations, 02-03 September: Dr Arun Rastogi, Guru Nanak Eye Centre; Dr Tanuj Dada, AIIMS; Dr Rakesh Maggon, Army Hospital.

Tim Schottman, Chief Global Officer, and Manoj Gulati, Country Director, SightLife, workshop for LVPEI senior executives on 22 September: ‘Sustaining and Growing the LVP Culture’.

Talk on Assistive Robotics

Dr Ayanna Howard, Director, Human–Automation Systems (HumAnS) Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, a distinguished scientist whose research focuses on humanized intelligence, and embedding human decision making capabilities into robotic systems, spoke on “Assistive Robotics and Technologies for Healthcare Applications” on 3 September 2013.

President of Liberia Visits

Her Excellency Dr Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia and Nobel Laureate 2011 for Peace, visited LVPEI on 10 September 2013. Dr Sirleaf spoke on ‘Public Health in a Transitional Democracy’. She also wanted LVPEI to establish an institute in Liberia that can help in building a comprehensive eye care system in that country. Dr Gullapalli N Rao, Chairman, LVPEI, said that around 25-30 primary eye care

centres, 3-4 secondary ones and a tertiary unit in the country’s capital Monrovia were proposed to be established under the Liberia Eye Health Initiative being undertaken with LVPEI.

30th Low Vision Awareness Program

The 30th Low Vision Awareness Program (LAP) on 20th September 2013 had 90 participants from different regions of the country comprising optometrists, optometry educators, optometry students, ophthalmologists, hospital administrators and rehabilitation science students. The highlight was the opening talk by a 30 year-old engineer with Albinism and low vision, a client at the Meera and L B Deshpande Centre for Sight Enhancement at LVPEI since 18 years. He spoke on “What it means to live with Low Vision” which was an eye opener for several participants.

Dr Rustam D Ranji Rotary Award and Lecture 2013

Dr GVS Murthy, Director, Indian Institute of Public Health (IIPH), Hyderabad, received the Dr Rustam D Ranji Rotary Award for distinguished service in the field of public health care, awarded by the Rotary Club of Hyderabad Dist 3150 in association with LVPEI on 18 September 2013. He also delivered the annual Rustom D Ranji memorial lecture on “Health at the crossroads: Do we now need a health security bill?”

Microsoft Supports Two Rehab Projects

Two new projects ‘The Mobility and Sensory Stimulation Park’ and ‘HelpLine for the Visually Impaired’ were launched on 27 September 2013 at the Kode Venkatadri Chowdary Campus, Vijayawada, and at the Kallam Anji Reddy campus in Hyderabad respectively. Both projects are supported by Microsoft India Development Center (MSIDC). The unique park imparts training on various navigation techniques in a simulated mobility track and provides multi-sensory experiences to children with vision loss and additional disabilities. The HelpLine provides information to the visually impaired through web and telephone-based counselling. www.lvpei.org/helplinenew.

Optometry Fellows Graduate

The 2012-13 comprehensive optometry fellows graduated on 31 August 2013. The batch had rotated through all the optometry and ophthalmology departments during their 13-month tenure. Ms Shehla Sulaiman, a graduating fellow, shared her experience and thanked LVPEI for shaping her into a world-class optometrist.

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