The stability of any society is contingent on equitable access to three essentials for human existence, irrespective of paying capacity of the recipients of these services: Livelihood, Education and Health. A major illness can cause loss of livelihood and also push families below the poverty line, thus having an impact on overall wellbeing of the family as well as on the education of children.

L. V. Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) has demonstrated the potential for rolling out such equitable access on a massive scale in one important aspect of healthcare, viz., eye care. In a similar manner, DHAN Foundation has, on a pan-India scale, done so for livelihood.

LVPEI is hosting a Think Tank meeting on equitable access to healthcare under the aegis of the Indian School of Business (ISB), LVPEI, and DHAN Foundation on the 6th of March, 2018 to deliberate on this important issue faced by many Indians. In addition to ISB, LVPEI and DHAN Foundation, the meeting has participants from Fernandez Hospital, Medium Healthcare Consulting, Ameya Life, Vatsalya Dental, Doctors for Seva, Smile International Institute for Colo- Proctology, Sakhsham, and NanoHealth. All the participating organizations are working on expanding the reach of healthcare in their own ways, and the Think Tank meeting provides an avenue to share experiences, identify and leverage each otherís strengths, and create partnerships for enhancing equitable access to healthcare for the poor people.

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A World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Prevention of Blindness, LV Prasad Eye Institute offers comprehensive patient care, sight enhancement and rehabilitation services and high-impact rural eye health programs. LVPEI focuses on economically disadvantaged groups in rural and urban geographies and extends its services to them through its network of satellite clinics and rural affiliates. For more information, visit

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