Our Team - Ashutosh Richhariya

Ashutosh Richhariya, MBA


Ashutosh Richhariya graduated in mechanical engineering from Govt Engineering College, Jabalpur (MP), in 1994. He has a Masters in Business Administration as well as a Masters in Industrial Engineering. He has worked in industry, academics and research at various positions. A Nehru-Fulbright Scholar, he was placed at The Ohio State University and The University of Rochester for research, before joining LVPEI. His interests are in the areas of Corneal Biomechanics, Finite Element Modeling and Optical Instrumentation. At LVPEI, he is involved in Ophthalmic Biophysics projects and interdisciplinary research involving engineering, medical science and optics.

Email: ashutosh@lvpei.org
Phone: 44 555 33 66