Our Team - Veerendranath Pesala

Veerendranath Pesala, Bachelor's degree in Optometry

Assistant optometrist

Veerendranath received his basic optometric education from LVPEIís Bausch & Lomb School of Optometry, followed by a bachelorís degree in optometry from Vinayaka Mission University, Salem and a fellowship in optometry at LVPEI. He joined LVPEI as optometry faculty in the Cornea & Anterior Segment Services and as research optometrist in 2007. He did a research training program in 2008 at the Ophthalmic Biophysics Centre, Bascom and Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, USA to set up the dynamic vision project at LVPEI. Since then he has been working in the project, which aims at restoring accommodation after presbyopia and cataract. The project has been set up in collaboration with the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, USA; Brien Holden Vision Institute, Sydney, Australia and CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies, Victoria, Australia. He has presented at national and international conferences. In addition to his clinical and research work, he is involved in LVPEIís training programs. His special interests are in the area of accommodation and its development, binocular vision and ophthalmic biophysics.

Email: veerendranath@lvpei.org
Phone: 44 555 33 66