Our Team - Rekha Gunturu

Rekha Gunturu, B.Opt

Bob Ohlson Centre for Sight Enhancement & Contact Lens

Rekha Gunturu received her basic optometric education from LVPEIís Bausch & Lomb School of Optometry, followed by a Bachelorís in optometry from AAU, Allahabad. After completing a fellowship in optometry, she underwent training in low vision at the Instituteís Meera and LB Deshpande Centre for Sight Enhancement. She also received training in contact lens at LVPEIís Prof Brien Holden Eye Research Centre. She joined LVPEI as an optometry faculty in 2004. In addition to clinical work and research, she is actively involved in the teaching and training programs of the institute. Her special interests are in the areas of low vision, contact lens, pediatric ophthalmology, orthoptics and oculoplasty.

Email: rekha@lvpei.org
Phone: 44 555 33 66