Our Team - Uday Addepalli

Uday Addepalli

Uday Addepalli, B. Optom

Designation: Head of Optometry, GPR-ICARE
Email: uday@lvpei.org
Location: Kallam Anji Reddy Campus, Hyderabad

Uday Addepalli, a Public Health Optometrist, completed his graduation from LVPEI’s Bausch & Lomb School of Optometry and did a Clinical Fellowship in Optometry from LVPEI. He then did a postgraduate course in Clinical Research and Clinical Research Data Management and is currently pursuing Integrated PhD from the School of Optometry & Vision Science, University of New South Wales, Sydney, with support from Vision CRC, Australia. At LVPEI, he has been working in the VST Centre for Glaucoma Services as a Consultant Optometrist since 2004. Currently, as a Public Health Optometrist, he is heading the Optometry component of Village Vision Complex (VVC) at Gullapalli Pratibha Rao - International Centre for Advancement of Rural Eyecare (GPR-ICARE). His current research involves early detection of glaucoma among the rural population using clinical and imaging techniques. He is actively involved in the teaching of optometry fellows, interns and optometry students and vision technicians.