Dacryology: Treatment for the Watering Eye

Dacryology deals exclusively with watering of the eyes and disorders of the tear drainage. Any disorders affecting this system can lead to impaired tear flow with resultant watering, infections (Dacryocystitis) and sometimes even orbital infections. At LVPEI, the tear duct is evaluated thoroughly not only from the eye side, but also through the nose. We use Dacryoendoscopy techniques to diagnose problems within the tear duct passage. LVPEI has a state of art Dacryology set up with High-definition endoscopic visualization, self irrigating endoscopes, latest Medtronic® consoles and Synthes® Ultrasonic burrs which are the latest and safest techniques in this field.

DCR or dacryocystorhinostomy is a surgical procedure that creates an alternate new pathway for irreversible tear duct obstruction, thereby relieving watering. It can be performed via skin approach, or through the nose using special endoscopes. Tear duct surgeries are covered by Insurance.

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