Orbitofacial Prosthesis: Cosmetic Artificial Eyes

Visual impression is the first and often a lasting impression about a person. The face, especially the eyes, largely conveys this impression. Injury as well as, certain disorders such as Cancers can lead to loss or removal of an eye. While the vision cannot be restored, the appearance can be brought back to near normal, by customized artificial eyes (prosthesis).

An artificial eye is a prosthesis or a device that fits within the socket, behind your eyelids. It mimics the natural eye, and is painted exactly like your natural eye. Insertion and removal is easy, and one has to clean it once a month. The eyelids can comfortably close on the artificial eye, giving it a natural look. Occasionally, if the pouch behind the eyelid (that holds the artificial eye) is shrunken, one may require a surgery prior to the fitting of an artificial eye.

With a 2-day process involving sizing, fitting and artistic painting, you are ready to have a new natural look, and walk back into the world with confidence!

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