The Angel Eye Drops

Bhavani, 20, residing in Jakkamcherla village, Krishna district, AP had developed a severe protrusion and inferolateral displacement of the right eye. As a result not only had her eye protruded, spoiling the cosmetic appeal of her face, but it also resulted in progressive vision loss since. After suffering from this for two years and being disappointed with the treatment received locally, she and her husband - a farmer by profession - visited LVPEI’s Kode Venkatadri Chowdary Campus, Vijayawada. Detailed examinations revealed the presence of a right superior orbital mass extending till the orbital apex. Dr Anasua Ganguly Kapoor performed an orbitotomy and the schwanomma – the entire mass was removed.

An agriculturist by profession, four years back when he got a cataract surgery done to correct the vision in his only good eye, he was given the bad news that he had eye cancer in his left eye which needed to be surgically operated and may also require removing his eye. Not convinced, he consulted many doctors but was disappointed to hear the same review. Upon his friend’s advice, he then consulted “The Operation Eyesight Universal Institute for Eye Cancer” at L V Prasad Eye Institute in January 2016.

Detailed examination was performed by the oncology team lead by Dr Swathi Kaliki and a diagnosis of left ocular squamous surface neoplasia - a type of a ocular surface cancer was made. The doctor explained that there was a possibility to control the tumor with medication. He was put on interferon eye drops, to be administered four times a day for three months and when he last visited the institute, complete resolution of cancer was observed. As follow up, he has been advised to continue the drops for three more cycles.

“We had heard a lot about the institute and it has truly lived up to our expectations. Though we know that his vision in the left eye will not improve because of childhood illness, atleast now there is no need to remove his eye. The eye drops really worked as angel eye drops and saved his eye,” says his grandson.