Akhil’s Life and Vision Saved

Akhil Lal, 13, hailing from Kerala, was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma, a type of eye cancer in very young children, when he was barely three months old. The cancer had taken its toll on the right eye and to save his life, it was necessary to remove the eye. But fortunately in the left eye, it was at an early stage and there was still hope to restore some amount of vision.

For further management of the condition, on the advice of the local doctors, the worried parents brought Akhil to “The Operational Eyesight Institute of Eye Cancer” at LVPEI, Hyderabad. He was immediately started on chemotherapy to save his left eye and the vision. A prosthetic eye was also implanted in his right eye. Later in January 2016 during a follow up, tumor recurrence was noticed and he was put on high dose chemotherapy cycle. He received his last chemo cycle last month and now the tumor is regressed. “Even though his vision is not perfect, we are still happy that he has functional vision and there is no threat to his life,” says the delighted father, Krishnan Lal.

Akhil is currently studying in his 9th grade. We asked him what he loves doing the most and prompt came the reply, “I love studying and one day want to become a successful engineer.” The family is grateful for the guidance and treatment given by Dr Swathi Kaliki that has saved Akhil’s life, eye, and vision. Akhil’s condition needs to be closely monitored and regular follow up has been recommended.