Bhavani’s Life Changing Story

Bhavani, before the surgery

A happy Bhavani and her husband - after
the surgery

Bhavani, 20, residing in Jakkamcherla village, Krishna district, AP had developed a severe protrusion and inferolateral displacement of the right eye. As a result not only had her eye protruded, spoiling the cosmetic appeal of her face, but it also resulted in progressive vision loss since. After suffering from this for two years and being disappointed with the treatment received locally, she and her husband - a farmer by profession - visited LVPEI’s Kode Venkatadri Chowdary Campus, Vijayawada. Detailed examinations revealed the presence of a right superior orbital mass extending till the orbital apex. Dr Anasua Ganguly Kapoor performed an orbitotomy and the schwanomma – the entire mass was removed.

Bhavani is extremely thankful to her treating doctor and the staff at LVPEI for not only restoring her vision but also restoring the cosmetic appeal of her face.