The challenging case of little Tirupati

When little Tirupati Behera, 6, hailing from Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, complained about vision loss and pain, his parents rushed to LVPEI Bhubaneswar Campus, Odisha. He was seen by Dr Devjyoti Tripathy and the detailed examinations revealed the presence of an advanced stage of retinoblastoma in his right eye. If not treated appropriately the tumor could have been lethal to his life. His parents were devastated to know that to save his life, it was necessary to remove his affected eye. Convinced that their son was in safe hands and would receive the best care, they agreed to go ahead with the treatment.

After removal of his right eye, the pathological examinations revealed the presence of high risk factors and so Tirupati was put on adjuvant chemotherapy. But further complications resulted in implant extrusion for which a secondary implant was performed. A customized ocular prosthesis was then made by Ocularist Ms Arunima. His parents, specially his mother who has showed utmost patience throughout the treatment despite the complications and their limited resources and understanding about retinoblastoma, are today extremely happy and satisfied with the treatment they have received and the final cosmetic outcome. “Tirupati is happily going to school now and is also his teacher’s favorite,” says the delighted mother.