Satya overcomes the lethal tumor

After suffering for three months from severe pain, redness and watering, S Satya Sai Teja along with his parents came to LVPEI GMRV Campus, Visakhapatnam in search of finding some solace from the unbearable pain. The 20-year-old engineering student from Rajmundry had lost vision in his right eye following trauma at the age of 6. Investigations confirmed the presence of a malignant tumor which was protruding out and causing pain. On the pathological evaluation of the enucleated eye, he was diagnosed to have a rare intraocular tumor- medulloepithelioma and was put on radiation therapy to further curb the growth of the fast spreading tumor. After receiving the intense treatment, Satya today has been declared cancer free and the ocularist is in the process of preparing the right fitting prosthetic eye for him. When Satya had come to the institute for the first time, he was completely dejected and unsure about his future. But now after overcoming the battle over the lethal tumor, his confidence has increased multifold and he is motivated to work hard and succeed in life. He is thankful to The Operation Eyesight Universal Institute for Eye Cancer at LVPEI for giving him a new lease of life and promises to regularly come for all his follow-ups.