A new beginning for Neelu

Neelu Pandey, 27, today after a wait of 15 long years can see again. Her family is overjoyed and feels that this is no less than a miracle. At the young age of 12 , due a sulphur drug reaction, the front of her right eye lid melted and fused together –a condition commonly known as Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Fearing ridicule of her friends and society, she dropped from school and restricted herself within the four walls of her house.

But fortunate to have a family that stood by her through this tremulous time, she was motivated to resume her studies and was able to finish her graduation with the help of a scribe. After lot of apprehension, she even got married in a family that was as loving and understanding as her own family. But things became worse when the hazy vision that she had in her left eye started diminishing. She visited LVPEI in October 2015. She underwent a series of surgeries and a Boston Keratoprosthesis lens was inserted in her right eye. “I can now see with my right eye and am extremely thankful to Dr Bhupesh Bagga my treating doctor. I now want to take full responsibility of running my home and look after the well being of my in-laws and husband”, says Neelu.