Vision restored, Sanjeev feels a sense of freedom

Sanjeev Kumar, 36, from Jamshedpur says, “I feel a sense of freedom today. I am more confident, can move around independently, read on my own and can even help others if needed.’’

Side effects of a medicine that he took when he was 13 resulted in skin inflammation and 80% vision loss. He consulted a doctor in Chennai. The ointment and drops that he was prescribed dried his nerves, leading to complete vision loss, barring light perception. He finished the rest of his education in a special school for the visually impaired. His parents neither had the financial resources nor the willingness to seek further treatment for him.

In 2010 Sanjeev came in contact with Ms Sulekha Aikat, General Secretary, Astitwa, an organization working for the physically and mentally challenged people. “Our family doctor examined Sanjeev and assured us that there was still some hope and on his advice we consulted Dr Bhupesh Bagga at LVPEI, Hyderabad in 2013. What followed then was extensive counseling, a couple of failed surgeries, complications, recoveries and finally in July 2015 the miracle happened. 50% of his vision has been restored and I am extremely overwhelmed with the treatment that Sanjeev has received at LVPEI, that too at no cost!” says Sulekha.

Sanjeev aspires for a banking job and has recently written his entrance examination.