Shravya’s melodious journey

Shravya Kanithi, 22, believes that situations can be difficult but not impossible to deal with. A talented singer, she is inspiring many in Hyderabad with her melodious performances. She has even won the “ETV Telugu Black Music Reality Show”. Recently after completing her graduation, she joined Uber as Community Operations Specialist. Born with no vision at all, Shravya today has come a long way from being the extremely timid and shy child she was.

When she was just 21 months old, her parents noticed that all was not right with her eyes and brought her to LVPEI. Their worst fears were confirmed when they came to know that their little angel was born without any vision. Her mother took it upon herself to learn Braille so that she could teach little Shravya and would visit LVPEI every week. They were residing in Visakhapatnam at that time and afterwards the family even shifted to Hyderabad for better education. “My initial school days were very difficult and challenging, as my teachers and peers didn’t know how to deal with me. But later the school I joined was much more supportive to my needs and gave me all the opportunities to grow,” recalls Shravya. She feels that LVPEI has been a pillar of strength for her and her family, especially Beula Christy, whom she fondly calls “Beula Aunty”.

“People with visual impairment have this mental block that professionally very few options are available for them. But that’s not the truth. I have been fortunate to have mentors who have guided and supported me and now I want to extend the same support to other people like me,” says Shravya.