Blinded for 22 years, Lakshamma now learns to cook

Thuraku Lakshamma, 42, lives with her husband Ramanaiah in Vaddipalem village, Venkatachalam, Nellore District. When she was 20 years old, her family’s small hut had suddenly collapsed on her and she had lost her vision after that incident.

Now, after years of darkness, LVPEI’s field worker Jarifa has brought hope. She went over to Lakshamma’s home and counselled the couple about rehabilitation services and benefits from the government.

Jarifa brought Lakshamma to LVPEI’s Swarna Bharat Eye Centre to be checked by Dr Priya Mittal who recommended rehabilitation services. Jarifa has since trained her on home management skills, notex, mobility training, etc and arranged for government medical disability certificate, bus pass, pension arrangements etc. Lakshamma is now able to walk independently using a cane, and manages all household chores including cooking. The happy couple thank Jarifa and LVPEI for transforming Lakshamma’s lifestyle by making her independent.