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Slitlamp Examination Made Easy

Author by: Vinod Kumar Maseedupalli
Year of Publication: 2008

The beginner will learn to conduct a routine slit lamp biomicroscope examination of patientsí eyes, utilizing different types of illumination techniques.

Duration: 33:28 min

Vitamin A and the Eye (Medical Education)

Author & Commentary by: Dr. Nibaran Gangopadhyay
Year of Publication: December 2004

Vitamin A deficiency, the leading cause of preventable corneal blindness in children, is a public health problem in 118 countries, especially in Africa and South-East Asia. Children aged six months to three years are most vulnerable to the spectrum of ocular disease, known as xerophthalmia, arising from Vitamin A Deficiency. The assessment of Vitamin A status by means of blood tests, indirect assessment of the liver stores of vitamin A, measurement of breast milk concentration and conjunctival impression cytology are illustrated as is the prevention and treatment. The stages of xerophthalmia and the role of surgery are elucidated.

Video duration: 18 minutes

Key to words: TRT = Total Running Time {i.e. the duration of the video}

Interpretation of MRI in Ophthalmological Practice

Authors by: Dr Kekunnaya Ramesha, Dr Virender Sachdeva, Dr Vijaya Bhaskar Nori
Year of Publication: 2008

Purpose: To describe the indication and the characteristics of MRI findings in common ophthalmological and related neurological conditions.

Methods: Initially basics of MRI have been described followed by systematic explanation of MRI finding in various conditions confronted commonly by comprehensive ophthalmologists and sub specialists. Role of ancillary investigations are also touched upon.

Conclusion: This video will help the Ophthalmologists and other related professionals to understand the basics of MRI and its interpretation in common Neuro ophthalmological disorders.

Duration: 10:19

Processing of Amniotic Membrane for Ophthalmic Use

Authors by: Dr Virender S. Sangwan and Dr Usha Gopinathan
Year of Publication: 2003

This comprehensive video highlights the procurement and utility of human amniotic membrane tissue for ophthalmic surgeries. It demonstrates the entire procedure of preparation of amniotic tissue. The viewer is instructed in the preliminary steps of sterilization of linen and instruments, preparation of the medium, sterilization of medium and preparation of ringer lactate or normal saline with antibiotics. The video then moves on to the actual process of handling of the placenta, separation of the layer of amniotic membrane, preparation of segments of appropriate size and their storage. Quality assurance and precautions are emphasized right through.

TRT: 23:35 minutes

Basic Concepts in Operating Room Asepsis

Author by: Dr Sharma Savitri
Year of Publication: 2002

Modern aseptic techniques help maintain total asepsis in the Operating Room. It is important to cast a vigilant eye on several factors that contribute to maintaining optimal asepsis. The factors that are presented in the video include: appropriate operating room attire, pre-operative preparation of the patient, surgical scrub technique, procedure of gowning and gloving, surgical draping, removal of soiled attire, cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing surgical instruments and materials, disposing operating room waste, cleaning and maintenance of the Operating Room environment.

TRT: 20:56 minutes