Pediatric Retina Surgery Hands-On Workshop, Nov 5-8, 2014


Dear Dr Subhadra and Dr Padmaja,

Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to be part of ped. workshop. It was indeed a great experience.

Dr Pramod S Bhende
Director- Medical Affairs, Deputy Director- Dept of VR Surgery
Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

Dear All,

It was indeed a pleasure attending the Pediatric retinal surgery workshop. I came back having learnt a lot and having made new friends. I am indebted to Dr Michael Trese and Dr Lingam Gopal for imparting to us with pearls of wisdom gleaned from decades of dedicated work .The presentations from all the participants too were very useful. Thank you Dr Subhadra Jalali madam for making it happen.

Salil Gadkari , H V Desai Eye Hospital, Pune

Dear Subhadra,

Thank you so much for arranging a fantastic, power-packed, informative, educative 4 day meet at LVPEI the highlight being of course Dr Trese and Dr Gopal whose inputs were stupendous. One has to salute you and your team for putting up this vastly extensive show with a superb variety of cases and a thick jungle of FEVR cases so it could be easily labelled as 'Fevr delight.'

The programme was chalked out in great detail and indeed it was your iron hand which executed it so smoothly.

Kudos to you and your team! Here's to having more meetings like these.

With lots of love and regards,
Karobi Lahiri
Bombay Hospital, Mumbai


Thank you for a wonderful experience. It was an intensive but brilliantly interactive workshop that you thought of and executed. It was obvious that a large amount of planning had gone in to arrange such a large number and spectrum of paediatric cases. And to get two legends in the field as the mentors! Your dedication and tireless energy in your devotion to the cause of paediatric retina is inspiring and commendable. It was a great and unique learning experience. I really hope and would strive so I can take the full advantage of it and translate words into ACTION. Will remain in touch and would trouble you for your help, guidance and opinion in future!

Many thanks again and best wishes,
Daraius Shroff, Shroff Eye Institute, Delhi


Dear Dr Jalali,

I thank you for the wonderful time we had at the workshop with Dr Trese, Dr Gopal and all the new friends I made. It was truly a great learning experience and helped to resolve many queries and doubts. I am sure we all learnt so much from this workshop.

Thanks for all your hard work and effort in organizing this.

And above all thanks for choosing me to be a part of this amazing experience and it definitely made me better.

Best regards and best wishes to you always,
Parijat Chandra
Associate Prof. RP Centre, Delhi

Dear Dr Subhadra

Many thanks for your invitation to me for this Paediatric Retina Workshop. It was really a great learning experience for me. I admire you for the meticulous planning of this workshop and all other activities. I express my sincere thanks for the warmth and kindness extended to me by you all. I will always remain grateful to you for getting stalwarts like Dr Trese and Dr Lingam Gopal on one platform for this intensive interactive workshop. I really enjoyed closed interactive sessions and surgery performed by them. It was a lifetime experience for me to learn so much.

Once again thank you very much for your invitation and hospitality.

Dr Mangat R Dogra
President Vitreo Retinal Society of India
Professor of Ophthalmology, Advanced Eye Centre
PGIMER, Chandigarh


Dear Dr. SJ,

Thanks a lot for inviting me to the workshop. Had an absolutely amazing time. It was a real academic treat.

As a VR surgeon planning to enter the area of ROP surgery, it was a real insight into this new world. Hopefully the confidence that I have gained in last few days will push me into this challenge with lot more vigour. By next meet, I hope to be presenting my results in this area

Ritesh Narula
Centre for Sight, Safdargunj, Delhi


Dear Subhadra,

It was indeed gracious on your part to have invited me for the workshop. I am very thankful to you for the opportunity you gave me to interact with everybody. I learnt a lot in the process. I truly admire you for the hard work and dedication. It is reflected in the quality of your work and the reputation you acquired over time.

Your team members adore you. Wish you the very best and once again thank you for the wonderful conference.

Dr. Lingam Gopal, Singapore


Dear Dr SJ,

I'm really happy for the surgical workshop on paediatric retina. The interaction amongst all paed retina giants was amazing. We not only shared our experiences but also cell numbers, now we are a group and you made it possible. We discussed each and every case/step of surgery, each day it ran up to 9 PM and all were awake and enjoying it; this is really praiseworthy. I did not know this could be so interesting. Whatever I learned, I will implement and after one year, I'll send you the report card.

Itís beyond doubt that you always go to exceptional/above the call of duty to teach us. You not only give knowledge but also courage and confidence which makes us better always. I'm glad you are my teacher. I have no words to express my gratitude. Thanks for everything.

My special thanks to the whole group.



I have been waiting to share my feelings.

From all those that I interacted with, this program has been simply outstanding. The range of the cases, the eminence and enthusiasm of the faculty, the energy levels and the satisfaction of the delegates; simply everything about the program was outstanding. Congratulations and thanks to Subhadra and team for putting together this great event and executing it so well.

Dr G Chandra Sekhar, Vice Chair, LVPEI