Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology - Clinical Care Services

Overview of facial cosmetology

The field of cosmetology and cosmetic surgery is growing fast. Procedures such as Botox and filler injections have become common, and appearance conscious people increasingly seek surgical options to look their best. The human face, being the identity of each person, receives maximum attention in terms of cosmetic procedures.

Currently, most cosmetic centres across the country address primarily skin issues, often ignoring the all-important soft tissue and bony changes that occur. However, a holistic approach to the face is required to bring about a more realistic age-defying transformation! This concept is the basis for the Aesthetics Clinic at L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, where all cosmetic and reconstructive needs of the human face (and neck) are addressed.

The Aesthetics Clinic

The Aesthetic and Facial Plastic Surgery Services at LVPEI are staffed by Dr Milind Naik, facial plastic surgeon trained at UCLA, Los Angeles, one of the best centres in cosmetic surgery. The Aesthetics Clinic is a perfect combination of all the skills and equipment needed for complete transformation of the face - from Botox to lasers, and from eyelid bags to complex facelifts, all under one roof!

Facilities: diagnostic and services

  • Well equipped examination suite
  • Professional digital photography with standardized lighting
  • Instant widescreen image viewing for discussion
  • UV skin analyzer
  • Complete face evaluation report with treatment recommendations
  • Absolute confidentiality

Each component of the patient's face is analyzed objectively, including the skin, soft tissues and bony framework to arrive at a complete analysis. The patient is provided complete information about the advantages as well as the downside of each procedure, to assist him/her in taking the right decision.

Procedures, injectables and surgical

  • Botox and filler injections
  • All dermatology lasers including laser hair removal, vascular lasers, pigment lasers, skin tightening, tattoo removal, and more
  • Liposuction and fat transfer facility
  • Cryostorage of autologous fat (for future injections)
  • Injection lipolysis (non-surgical fat dissolution)
  • Fully equipped surgical suite for Blepharoplasties, Endoscopic brow-lifts, and face lift surgeries

Why facial cosmetic surgery in an eye hospital?

Ophthalmologists today are no longer restricted to cataracts and spectacle prescriptions, but can use their fine microsurgery skills to perform facial cosmetic surgeries. Ophthalmic plastic surgery is a specialty that deals with plastic surgery around the eyes. The fine skills of this subspecialty can, with proper training, be extended to facial cosmetic surgeries, and have several advantages. Many of these procedures (for example removal of eyelid bags) can be performed from behind the eyelid, thereby avoiding any skin scars! Majority of aging changes occur around the eyes, where an ophthalmic plastic surgeon is most comfortable operating or injecting. Also, the fine microsurgical skills of an ophthalmologist ensures minimal tissue trauma, and offer optimum results with quick recovery.

Moreover, nearly half of the revenue generated from the Aesthetics Clinic goes into the prevention and treatment of blindness

How is the Aesthetics Clinic different?

The Aesthetics Centre at L V Prasad Eye Institute concentrates only on the face and neck. It not only addresses the skin issues (which constitute only one-third of age-related changes), but also the soft tissue and bony changes. A combined consultation with the plastic surgeon and dermatologist offers patients the unique advantage of receiving the best possible treatment.

How to book an appointment?

Please call Dr Milind Naik (98-48-08-NAIK), or Gunalatha (93927 17273) to book an appointment, or email