Folding Phoropter

The Folding Phoropter is a low-cost and easy-to-assemble device which can be used to perform as eye test to quickly spot refractive errors - the largest cause of avoidable visual impairment in the developing world. It can be easily used for mass screening and public health initiatives in rural areas and low resource settings. It is

  • Low-cost (less than $0.5 per piece)
  • Can be assembled using origami in a matter of minutes
  • Easy to manufacture, use and transport

The device is not a substitute to a detailed test that determines the exact refractive error that a person has, but it can easily identify those having refractive errors. Test subjects found the device easy to use, and simple to understand and assemble. With this nature of the device, it can be reached to all corners of the world very easily wherever it is needed.

Folding Phoropter won the Cleary Vision Prize's second place worth $50,000 from among 100 entries across 21 countries. The Clearly Vision Prize is awarded to startups brining low-cost eye care to rural communities around the world. The 5 finalist received their prizes at an awards event held at London on 12 October 2016.

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