Computer Training / Assistive Technology services

In today’s technologically advanced society it is more or less impossible to complete education, let alone gain meaningful employment without basic computer literacy. Computer assistive technology enables people with visual impairment to access variety of information, complete their tasks more efficiently and independently, achieve higher levels of academic and professional excellence, and thus achieve higher levels of financial independence.

The Assistive Technology resource centre offers training to persons with visual impairment to use computers through a wide range of assistive devices like Screen Reader and Screen Magnifiers such as Job Access with Speech (JAWS), MAGic, Kurzweil 1000, Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA), Window-Eyes, etc.

Special features of the computer training lab

  • Accessibility to assistive software to best suit the trainee’s requirement
  • Structured curriculum include training on MS office package, Internet, Email, Social media, e-commerce, video calling and Tally
  • Individualized assessment, training and evaluation
  • Adequate and convenient time schedule
  • One-on-one instruction from highly committed and experienced professionals
  • An organized, safe and stimulating environment
  • Combined with supportive classes such as spoken English, personality development, mock interview drill, etc., for job readiness/li>
  • Free study material, handouts to the clients and professionals
  • Continuous follow-up for educational guidance and job placement

Currently we have two computer training centres in LVPEI for the visually challenged. The first centre was started in Hyderabad in 2011 with the generous support of Tech Mahindra Foundation. A similar centre was started in Visakhapatnam in 2014 by Microsoft India Development Centre (MSIDC) – Employee giving campaign.

For more information, please contact us at / + 91 40 306128233