Strategic Action Plan

Against the backdrop of organizational and environmental change, LVPEI recognizes the need to constantly re-think its progress and make changes in its course that best addresses new and emerging needs in Eye care in the developing world. As part of its 2020 vision, LVPEI will continue enhancing its role locally, nationally and globally as a responsible and responsive health care organization, and consolidate its position as one of the leading eye care organizations in the world. In line with this strategy (a) The Cornea Institute (b) Academy for Eye Care Education (c) Institute for Eye Care for the Elderly (d) Institute for Eye Cancer, were established.

Way forward, LVPEI’s roadmap includes the establishment of three more “Centres of Excellence" that will encompass care - from primary to advanced tertiary care, education, research, public health, planning and policy.

Institute for Regenerative Ophthalmology

The Institute's innovative and comprehensive approach to community eye health, the LVPEI Eye Health Pyramid, has been adopted as a model by the Government of India and by other developing countries.

Child Sight Institute

An extension of LVPEI’s existing Children’s eye Care Centres and eye health programs across Andhra Pradesh, this Institute will help realize LVPEI’s 2020 vision - “No child goes needlessly blind in Andhra Pradesh”. It also will endeavour to influence children’s eye health in other states and countries.

Centre of Excellence in Eye Banking

The Centre will facilitate corneal donations and this will help augment the capacity of eye banks across India and other developing countries. The Centre will be developed with active collaboration from several world-renowned eye centres and research organizations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and Brazil.