Innovation: SimVis Gekko™ is a technology for presbyopic corrections. The ophthalmic instrument allows patients to experience multifocality before surgery. The device is like a phoropter but SimVis Gekko provides see-through Multifocal vision.

Innovation: The company has developed eye diagnostics and surgical medical devices. The products include a light source for cataract surgery and a glaucoma camera.

Innovation: Visual Aid Device that uses artificial intelligence solutions and assists the visually impaired, by offering sleek and portable design, at a cost lower than existing market players and supports regional languages.

Innovation: A wearable device for aiding visually impaired persons. The device has a camera that reads out text, recognizes the faces of pre-saved individuals, notifies the person about the number of persons around, and works like an obstacle notifier.

Innovation: A portable, economical, and Made-in-India OCT that provides images as good as a 10 times costlier device.

Innovation: BYNOCS software that helps the amblyopes improve visual acuity and binocular function by playing video games in clinics and home environments. Works on the principle of providing high-contrast images to the amblyopic eye and at variable contrast to normal eye.

Innovation: PulzarZ1a: Solid-state lasers as an alternative technology to excimer systems in laser vision corrective surgeries.

Innovation: Development of Recombinant, animal-free origin Hyaluronidase and its use in Ophthalmological surgeries.

Innovation: A cataract and diabetic retinopathy detection product using AI. Vision test with the mobile app allows the user to efficiently capture ocular slit-lamp setup images with varying illumination and fundus image of the eye. Portable fundus camera and AR/VR-based field vision test for glaucoma.

Innovation: BeeVee, is a CE-certified immersive virtual reality therapy that offers effective treatment options for Amblyopia (lazy eye), squint eyes, headache, and eye movement disorders.

Innovation: A novel formulation of preservatives-free barrier gel for ocular allergies. The allergen blocker gel will help in the management and prevention of chronic eye allergies.

Innovation: Tonogoniography angle closure glaucoma screening device combines goniography with tonometry, enabling measurement of eye pressure while performing gonioscopy.

WILD CARD PARTICIPANT: A patented cold storage device, 'Emvolio', that strictly maintains any pre-set temperature up to 15 hours. Device established POC for vaccine last mile delivery and is now being envisioned for use in corneal transportation apart from transportation of vaccines and other biologicals.

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